RE: Big Growth For LEO Finance & Hive Requires Education & Feeding Imaginations

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Yes, simplicity is key in onboarding - with alternative options remaining available, but without introduction of friction. This recent video shows how changes to LeoFinance address this exact issue:

I think the process can be further refined, but it's a start.

Onboarding for Hive is more complex than usual, partially because of the issue of resource credits and partially due to the need to hold HP to interact with the network. This is what caused the idea of gamification to be presented as a solution - whereby new users could get free accounts and then earn their way to a full account. Still quite complicated, but can be made simple if worded and presented correctly.

Ultimately, there needs to be clear communication on all levels - we don't even have a tutorial built into the front ends on any hive sites I've seen. The familiar tooltip type popup boxes that point out areas of the site and educate new users can go a long way. People do make decent videos from time to time but they lack marketing budget to promote them... The decentralisation is both a benefit and a challenge at times. I'm sure if the community truly worked together we'd accelerate dramatically.

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