Project Blank can change a lot for LEO

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After thinking more about LEO, I think Leo needs Viral content. like Wall street bets and trader generates.

About Stocks, what's hot, trading strategies, and so on.

IMO this would need a Reddit/Twitter-style communication front end. And this is what project blank could be.

So people can post from analyses or MEME stock things with the ability to comment fast and easily. That's what hive has as a problem in general. The easy connection to it.

A Token as a reward is superior and even more with a business model behind it.

Also, projects around LEO would benefit from it. For Example other Dapps on Hive or CUB.

It is the same what Robin hood is doing. Allow people to be a part of it, in a super-easy way.

Building the platform is only a particular step for success, the next step must be to onboard all these content creators and users.

What I would like to see is some portfolio tracking way. Why? Because it is the coolest way to look at what traders do.

It would be a benefit the other platforms don't have.

Maybe it is possible to build a connection to tradingview or something like this.

Add to post

Another thing I would like to see would be to add a part 2 for content.

Peakd does something like this with collections. I like it really much. It is cool and a good overview.

If Content creators post about a lot of topics ( or stocks, cryptos or whatever) they can add besides the tag, a general overview.

Youtube and other social media platforms have it too.

For example, ETH posts can easily stack to the Authors ETH posts. Doge to Doge and so on.

This would make tracking posts as a reader much easier.

Besides the fact, readers and users can easily see the topics they love, it's also easier to track.

A huge benefit a Blockchain has.


I see a bright future for the Dapp on hive that will allow these features. The dapp that allows easy to connect and to use + a cool front end will be the unicorn.

Besides Crypto content, there is much more financial content. From Stocks, options, collectibles, real estate,...

This kind of content will be a big thing for LEO.

From terms of SEO, this content would fit so many long-tail keywords, we can't imagine today.

People find the content, like the content, and want to be part of it. It's the same as what Reddit offers.

For password recovery, maybe Keychain can offer something like 24-word password recovery. Only as an alternative.

The tipping point will come when enough cool shit happens at the same time. It would boost IMO LEO and Hive to a new area.

Microblogging in combination with Blog posts is superior.

What do you think about it?

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