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For me, it is surprisingly large stakeholders vote for that. It's the most stupid that can happen.

Clear rules. We have DAO for that, stop spam trending page. This lets look hive and the entire Blockchain looks like a big joke + Shitcoin.

First impression from a new visitor:

"Wait the stable coin is not stable? Why these people are too stupid to build it? looks like dump project"

"they fund projects this way? Holy shit what a shitty Blockchain dump project, I never look at this bullshit again".

is like thejerrybanfield naked under the shower on trending.

I think hive has the best negative/self-destroying marketing - PR strategy.

Never shill the good things. Only let everybody know about things that don't work. Nice.

And an Investor never thinks after such a first impression " let invest in this". Never.

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