RE: Hive Keychain Independent Audit Proposal

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Good proposal.

Some questions:

Does it include the mobile version? ( i don't use, but i expect some do).

Is the reference worth something? So can we tell it is reviewed and safu? Like the Defi protocols?

And IMO Keychain was simple in most parts ( from key storage). I think transactions and things like that can be easier manipulated. But keys should be safe because is open source and on the browser (local) pretty decentral.

If a website can access it, it must be also encrypted. I think the most easy scam is, you post something and the website sends a transfer massage. Missclick = lost funds (if active is in it).

And does it really help? I ask because of updates.

Today safe, it doesn't mean after someone accesses Mozilla or google account, it can not change.

Most Apps on those stores become problems ( from security) after the owner changes/updates.

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