What DEFI is hot?

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What defi besides CUB is hot now? I see so many, but you cant be in everyone. Even harder to get in the first days.

What are the DEFI farms you are in know, what are you looking out for?

On the crypto daily newest video I found out about Wault. Not in today, but I lookout.

As he mentioned, it looks like @theycallmedan ( if he is the dan he mentioned, because they are also friends as far I know) is there also in. To you Dan, you are always well informed, share some hot shit with us :)

Would be better if we have also some new and hot info on Hive/ LEO ( not about) about hoit crypto. Most of the Hot info is today on Twitter, Reddit, channels, and so on.

To everyone, if you know something cool, share it and earn rewards :)

I would love to see more valuable information about that topic on Hive and LEO in general. I'm not a defi expert, and it's hard to follow all news in crypto:)

Special on BSC, ETH fees are too high IMO, and if not super large funds, not worth trying out.

The best thing on hive, we can collectively look at it. Hot or not. Legit or not. A huge benefit for everyone :)

If there are DEFI investor discord you are in, would be also cool to share :)

Besides DEFI,

what coins do you hold outside the Hive universe?

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