100k HP won't be possible in 4 years but 1 Million "SPT Power" is Possible in 2 years

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As at today, I've spent 3 years, 9 months and 2 says on the Hive blockchain. The journey started on January 24, 2018 during the steem days and it's been an engaging one. Within these length of days on the Hive blockchain, I have published 1795 posts and made 9174 comments which has earned me 10,938 Hive token units on the main chain with about that same amount of SWAP.HIVE token units on the second layer. Summing them together shows that I would have earned approximately 20,000 Hive token units so far and I can say, I would have reached 22,000 Hive token units by January 24, 2022. All of these Hive units have been earned from content creation and curation (basically at the second layer) of Hive. If you've read my motivation to becoming a Hive-token curator, you would see that I have always wanted to give to others just as I have receive so much love in upvotes from others on the blockchain.

Being able to give to others have constituted my happiest moments in life and doing so on this Hive blockchain means so much to me. With curation strength totaling over $200 monthly, I know how much $100 earned within a month means to a Nigerian especially in hard times as this. I'm still motivated to keep growing my curation strength with Hive-engine token stakes till an asset worth $1 million is held. I enroll new users to the Hive blockchain quite often and I know how frustrating it can be to be here as a new users without upvotes. At least, I want to be a first part of the blessing for such users till they find their comfortable niche where their contents are appreciated and well rewarded.

I remember those times as a new user when I would see accounts with 1 million Hive Power and I'd be wondering that it could take as much as 30 years of work or more to earn such money that can purchase these much asset. Looking at that amount of Hive with the crypto-centric eye, I think it's possible especially if you take advantage of the bear seasons. WHen I had my first 1 million SPORTS, then 10 million and more, I felt relaxed that if it were possible with this Hive-engine tokens, it'll someday be possible with Hive. Till date, only SPORTS token is the only asset with a million count in my curation portfolio. LIST token nears with 89,000 counts and then CTP. As I write this post, I'm fired within to reach toward a million for more tokens other than SPORTS. First on my list is the Splintertalk token (SPT).


This morning, I did some arithmetic to see how easier it would take to reach 1 million SPT Power and that needed about 8,500 HIVE at the present exchange rate. That's pretty huge as it requires about 24 HIVE daily for 1 year or 12 HIVE daily for 2 years. I know Hive won't be pegged at the present price and HIVE-SPT exchange won't be the same over a year. I've resolved to bite smaller chunks of SPT into my stake on daily basis till the 1 million SPT Power is reached. Looking at long term goal of 2 years (730 days), I need to stake about 1370 SPT daily to hit the 1 million SPT Power target. Whether by earning or purchase, I think it's a goal worth pursuing. I wish the time could be shorter.

Already my curation account is holding 30k SPT and we're still adding. I should hit 100k SPT Power before the end of the 2021 and then I start the daily staking by January 1, 2022. There is a beautiful future for these Hive tokens and investing in them now is the best decision one can take. Splinterlands game is growing and it can only get better. As attention of many are turning to games it becomes necessary to look at the direction of game coins to stay relevant in the move of the crypto markets.

Hive is growing bigger and bigger with Hive-engine tokens. Every community that creates a unique and saleable usecase for their token is actually building Hive big and this can only get better.

I'm your favourite hive-engine curator

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