Everyday is Pay Day in Bull or bear Seasons

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Your Salary is at your Boss' Mercy

I felt so sorry for the young dude while he complained how bad his boss treats him. According to him, he arrives office by 8:30 am and closes at 5:30 pm, working everyday except Sundays. No time for parties and festivities with friends, no time for domestic chores, yet would not always receive his salary at the end of the month. He's a university and all he's working for is $35 and about $0.5 would be deducted each time he comes to work late.

The above is the ordeals that many people go through in Third WOrld countries where poverty is the order of the day and the leaders are feasting with corruption. Nigeria is one of those w=countries where corruption is eating deep into the fabric of the society. It heart-aching that we spend money everyday - for food, transport, call card, data, gas, - yet meny earn their money at the end of the month and sometimes days after.

How do they survive? How do they feed their families? How do they coped with our economy with high inflation, and value-losing currency. Yet, the leaders ain't providing the basic amenities of roads, schools, hospitals and more, yet with high taxes on everyone including the poor woman selling at the junction.

When you get to know why people are working so hard like an elephant , yet, eat like an ant, you understand that *ignorance is the underlying factor. Many arew unaware of the opportunities that are available in the internet, yet, they spend so much time daily surfing Mark's Facebook with high cost of data.

Many out there have to go into a lot of debts to fix their daily lives awaiting when the next salary would come to clear off and start up the debt cycle afresh, that is if only the government do not decide to make the working condition horrible and you go striking (Industrial Action) like its grounding academic activities in Nigerian Universities presently.

Hive is another World, Everyday is Pay Day

Here's on Hive, it's another world. We don't wait for a certain calendar date to get paid, WE don't wait on a boss there to decide when to alleviate your financial need. Every Day is Pay Day! It's your work and it's your time, just as we say, your, keys, your crypto.


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Whether in bull or bear seasons, there are no excuses. Claiming your rewards for your creativity and social activities here is all dependent on you. Never miss a Pay Day on Hive.

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Being a part of a true web3 community is just the solution for the salary adn wages mess we have all around. Here, you work and you get paid your due based on your creativity, social influence and consistency. It's your keys, your time, your crypto and your reward!*

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