My Favourite Communities and How I'll Celebrate them on Hive's first 366 days

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We're 8 days to celebrating the first 366 days of Hive. Just like yesterday we started, but Lo, Hive would be a year old on March 20, 2021. It's interesting because I was there at the very hour, minute and seconds Hive emerged and was a part of the celebration. I can say, I've been proudly a part of this build to what we have today and looking forward for more in the coming year.

In response to @hiveio's Twitter call for today, I would say that all my favouite Hive communities are the communities that exist on Hive's second layer. One of my unique contributions to the growth of the communities is holding a decent stake that allows me to reward other users and as well earn curation reward in the process. Holding stakes of the tokens tells of how much I'm futuristic about them and how much I trust they'll pull value in the future.

Within this one year, some of the communities have emerged so courageous and showing tangible value in growth and contributions to the build other Hive blockchain and the entire cryptosphere. For this reason, the Second layer communities have become my mainstay on Hive and indeed, one of the solid reasons I had to stay on Hive. These communities include:

Reasons I see these communities as my favourites are that I see a great potential in them in reshaping the operations of the internet in the next couple of years. Already., the LeoFinance community is doing and is already getting all eyes on the Hive blockchain with it's cross-chain development and linkage infrastructures and drive for mass adoption to the crypto space.


As Hive would be marking One year, I'll be powering up more of the tokens that represent the communities viz:

  • LEO, CUB


  • CTP

  • LIST


  • CCC


In all the communities, I wish to hold controlling stakes and among top 10 stakeholders whether in the short or long term. It's a vision I can't lose sight of no matter how long it takes. I already have my blueprint on how top maximize these tokens to the best of humanity and to drive more users to the Hive blockchain.

March 20, 2021 is not Hive Power Up Day (HPUD), but I will be powering up these tokens to celebrate Hive. I also wish to hit the Dolphin status with my Hive Power on or before that date.

Let's make it happen!

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