Plug all Assets in LeoVerse to $LEO: Can we Bond LEO to Get CUB & POLYCUB Loans?

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LeoFinance continues to Evolve

A lot is happening around the LeoFinance community that has got a user (@milaan) to say that LEO has become too big to fail in Hive ecosystem. The user went ahead to elucidate Three reasons to back his claims. The three reasons according to him, are that (1) Engagement has been primed in the LeoFinance frontend via the microblogging feature (2) LEO staking has a 4-week powerdown window, and (3) Blogging/microblogging/curating on LeoFinance frontend earns a user liquid LEO rewards.

This review is coming at a time that all Hive communities are converging around LeoFinance courtesy of the microblogging feature. This has made conversations deeper and more elaborate as people from different niches have found a reason to share ideals together and even collaborate. We understand that this convergence would open up the $LEO token for exposure to a larger audience as well as more utilization.

LEO as an Access Token Idealized

Time To Turn $LEO Into An Access Token is a recent article by @taskmaster4450le who shares sentiments on how to make $LEO an access token. This means that people have incentive to own the token. If one does not have it, he or she, in addition to earning it, will have to buy it. An access token according to @leoglossary is a Temporary credential issued by Identity Provider to perform operations against Resource Servers on behalf of Resource Owner and with the consent of the Resource Owner.

It follows that an access token is such that the holders are exposed to multiple streams of revenue/revenue opportunities generated to them by the issuing body.

From this perspective, a cryptocurrency that acts, at least in part, as an access token can derive great value on the open markets. Price can appreciate as the user base grows or activity on-chain increases. In the digital world, this can set of the network effect, sending activity parabolic.

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LEO is at the Centre of the Everything App

Elsewhere, I described LEO as the everything token and that is what it really is, especially as LeoFinance Project Blank came live as the everything app and puts LEO at the centre of all its expressions - microblogging, long form blogging, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi and all. With that, there is need to start plugging all other assets within the LeoFinance ecosystem to LEO to compound its value.

key in TM's post was $LEO-Based Lending. TM tried to explain how lending services can be incorporation into LeoFinance with $LEO as the collateral.

Leofinance is a financial platform. This should mean doing more than simply discussing matter of finance. It means that Leofinance should offer financial services.
One of the most basic services it should provide is lending using $LEO as collateral. This way the community can put their $LEO to work in another way, if that is desired.
This also can incorporate other aspects of the ecosystem, bLEO and bHBD.

Let's Bond LEO to Get CUB & POLYCUB Loans

I remember that collateralized lending is one of the features of CubFinance and PolyCUB. While we look into the future to when the ideals of that feature be explained, I think in line with TM's position, LEO can be the central point of attraction as we look forward to collateralized lending.

Here, I mean, instead of a user bonding CUB or POLYCUB as collateral to secure some assets, the user should rather bond LEO and then receive a loan in form of CUB and POLYCUB as the case may be. Good that CUB has entered its deflationary state which means that sustainability has set in, we are sure that the prices would bounce back in no time as the daily burn continues to happen.

We burn CUB and POLYCUB but not LEO. We are looking forward to LeoAds coming in no time, buying off LEO in the market should still go back as revenue and rewards to LEO stakers rather than burning them. Surely, in a little time, there would not be enough LEO for every LeoFinance user as the traction continues to bring more new users here.


Should bonding for LEO be made for it to serve as a collateral for loan, the demand for LEO is going to grow drastically and more new users would be joining LeoFinance. We all know what a higher MAU for LeoFinance means- a higher LeoAds revenue which still adds more buy pressure to the LEO market.

Better days are happening for the LEO token, Keep your eyes focused!


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