We are family - I will help you Build your projects with beneficiary rewards, SPORTS, MARLIANS, DBLOG and NOBEL tokens

8 months ago
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Days ago I published this post which tried to explain what a true community represents and was able to present three salient attributes that qualify a true community - shared attributes, people (note the plurality), and the strength of the connections among the people. This shows us that a true community is made up of people who though are independent but are ready to give in their best to the build of the community.

@Steemchurch has been our beautiful community filled with value and for these two years and months, we've received value and blessings. THough the times may not be very favourable, but, we speak differently because our economy is not of this world. I salute all who have been a part of this community for these number of years. We have given in so much and it's not time to give up. We have to build to the very near end that is here.


Within the past few weeks of its formation, we have been one of the very growing communities on steem. Already having 191 subscribers, $158 pending post payouts and 67 active posters. This is a huge statistics . Remember, we've got just one single sponsor @Sniffnscurry. It is time we begin to pull ourselves together as a community and create more values for ourselves.

Months back, @Darlenys01 had called on every parishioner of @Steemchurch to set up a project and some did swing to action but others did not. Time is here again for us to start up our projects and power them across the steem and Telos blockchains and the new openings the Lord will be giving us in the coming weeks. Some may be thinking and complaining of funding but the creation of communities on steem is a great way for us all to have our personal projects funded in the relevant communities that share similar interests.

I am glad to have a great stake in SPORTS - the #sportstalk community with over 5 Million Stakes as well as over 100,000 Stake of MARLIANS in the #marlians community and over 20,000 stake of DBLOG in the #dblog community. Those investment seem tiny today but I see a great growth in the few days ahead.

Rise up, Steemchurch Parishioners!

It is not a time to complain of lean resources. Start creating savings for yourselves. Use the "beneficiary" icon when using Steempeak interface to send rewards to your favourite project (could be yours or another parishioner's project). How about we could even set @Steemchurch beneficiary to our rewards (even as small as 5%) to be able to pool more power for a stronger curation in the near future?


I will gladly support projects that are SPORTS oriented and humanity oriented with my SPORTS account - @uyobong.sports, and @writeandearn accounts which have huge tokens stakes. The tokens can be sold on Steem-engine and proceeds used to power great projects. I will also be giving out NOBEL tokens in liquid form to projects that are active and love-giving.

Give those accounts a follow and engage my recent posts to drop links to your projects. This is exclusively for this family of love for now. The gesture would be opened for others.

Share your thoughts on the comments section of this post!

We win together.

@Steemchurch and @Writeandearn set as beneficiaries for this post