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Thanks, this is something I was looking for. But did not get one here. You write: "For every vote you cast on a post 50% goes to the author of the post and 50% comes back to you." -I mean 50% of what? Is casting a vote creating some kind of instant wealth? Where does it come from?

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The weight of your vote is calculated on your staked Leo.
As you can see in the blog my 1700 staked Leo tokens give a 100% vote of around 0.14 Leo

If I gave your post a 100% vote you and I would end up receiving both 0.07 from that vote.
This will be added in liquid Leo in our wallets after 7 days.

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Thanks for your reply! So I will have to see what has happened after a week :P I am very new to leofinance and was looking for a faq, but unfortunately found nothing... Probably Crypto-related-greatest-weakness: If you do not find out yourself how some things work none will explain it to you :(

Again: Thanks soo much for YOUR explanation! :)

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