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Hello everybody, it's time again for Share Your Battle. Thankfully now with the latest change, I am still able to get focus points even when I did not have Earth Splinter focus for the whole week. So this week I am able to do Share Your Battle on Hill Giant.

Thoughts on Hill Giant


Hill Giants to me are big burly creatures with bashers, simple, slow and big, potentially can help hold up the line to protect the forest.

Let's examine the base stats of Lvl 1 Hill Giant.

3` (Melee)61NANA

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Bronze League - Attack +1, Health + 1
Silver League - Speed +1, Health + 1
Gold League - Speed + 1, Stun
Beyond Gold - Attack +1, Health + 1

A very simple unit just as I think it should be. As it level up, somehow it hits harder, gets tougher and move faster. On top of that, it gains stun

How good is Hill Giant? Let's see how it fares in a battle.

The Battle

Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 1.21.14 AM.png

Reverse Speed, Explosive Weaponry
Mana Limit: 19


SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Obsidian4SummonerEarth splinter summoner that I owned
Hill Giant31stCard of focus
Queen Mycelia42ndOne of the best Earth Splinter card I have that gives protection
Khmer Princess23rdLow mana magic hitter
Spirit Hoarder34thLow mana with triage
Fungus Fiend05thBackline protection
Djinn Biljka36thLow mana magic hitter
Total Mana:19

Opponent Lineup

  • Summoner - Mylor Crowling
  • Position 1 - Flesh Golem
  • Position 2 - Furious Chicken
  • Position 3 - Goblin Sorcerer
  • Position 4 - Wood Nymph
  • Position 5 - Screeching Vulture

Prediction before pressing rumble
Very different kind of lineup. Opponent has heavy healing. Hopefully reverse speed will do me favour as all my lineup is speed 1.

Let's get ready to rumble
Round 1, Reverse speed in effect, furious chicken and goblin sorcerer get wrecked by blast. My full team still intact.

Round 2, Swift game, everything came to a close with my team still fully in tact. Victory secured!

After Thoughts
For low mana matches, usually when I see Mylor on opponent side, the chances of winning is actually low. But this time round, I manage to leverage the rule set to secure the win.

Hill Giant is actually a rather effective tank especially at only 3 mana, it offers 6 health. With Queen Mycelia in the backline, 2 additional armour is being added to provide much more sustainability.

On low mana matches, Hill Giant provides the much needed tank at frontline, but when we go to high mana matches, other options are available such as Mycelic Infantry, Unicorn Mustang, Flesh Golem etc.

Strategy wise, I think I picked it right this battle to capitalize the reverse speed which allowed me to pick out all the opponent splinters before they can get to me.

In future will I pick Hill Giant? Why not? I personally feel on little league, Hill Giant is awesome. Imagine playing little league at higher level with Hill Giant's stun ability, I think it will do real good.

Wrap Up
I hope you guys enjoyed reading my sharing on Hill Giant. I would really appreciate it if you liked and/or commented to let me know what are you thoughts.

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Till my next battle sharing, take care, stay safe and happy battling!

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Thanks for sharing! Good use of Hill Giant, great strategy.