#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 4/11/2022

Happy Monday! I'm sorry I didn't reply to anyone last post. Still running soooo behind. Was supposed to be on the road already bu

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 3/21/2022

Happy Monday! @kerrislravenhill will be the sponsor for @thisismylife. That is now waiting for mod approval. So many great posts

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 3/14/2022

Sorry about going MIA The last few weeks have been a little crazy to say the least. We started heading down to Vegas for the SGS m

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 2/21/2022

Got some action this week! A couple of weeks back @bdmillergallery was asking about a badge for our group. With the quickness, @en

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 2/13/2022

No new members this week. Things are going to get more exciting after the Fed meeting. One way or another it should make big waves

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 2/6/2022

Another week goes by Things are pretty slow around here these days. The Vegas meetup is coming soon and a good number are going to

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 1/30/2022

Back to not much happening Another week here on the chain and things aren't too exciting. I really want to update the lower half o

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 1/23/2022

Welcome our newest member @trumpman ! Last week in our Discord channel @trumpman was nominated by @welshstacker & @summertooth and

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 1/17/2022

Got some action this week! After a few weeks of sheer boredom, @kerrislravenhill came through with these new people/posts. Go give

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 1/9/2022

Nothing going on once again. No new nominations. The markets look like shit. The only worth a damn right now is the dollar. Stro

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 1/2/2022

Happy 2022 SilverGoldStackers!!! I've been on vacation the past couple weeks and haven't been around the computer much. I hope all

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 12/13/2021

Finally some action! This week we are happy to welcome our newest member of the community. Say hello to @ssjsasha who was noticed

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 11/29/2021

Not much new this week There hasn't been much going on lately. Secret Santa is well underway and people should start receiving the

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 11/29/2021

I missed a week. Oops Not only did I miss last week because I was on vacation and didn't know what day it was, this is also fashio

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 11/15/2021

Secret Santa in full swing! Secret Santa is off and running this year. If you missed the post by @welshstacker you can find it her

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 11/7/2021

Nothing new this week. Secret Santa is about all that's going on. If you want to get involved and missed Welshie's post you can

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 10/31/2021

No new nominations this week. Secret Santa time is once again upon us!!! This will be the 4th year our one and only @welshstacker

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 10/24/2021

Not much going on this week No new nominations this week and nothing really going on that I know of. Let me know below if I missed

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 10/18/2021

Welcome to our newest member! The @lefty619 nomination has been approved by the mods. Welcome to the group fellow stacker!!! You

#SilverGoldStackers Official Nomination Post - 10/11/2021

Let's Go Brandon!!! That Brandon guy sure is popular here in the states. I'd nominate him if I could figure out who he was. 🤣 Ag