My 2021 HIVE Highlights! 500 HP Achieved😀

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Throughout the course of this year I have learned many things, yeah I have started late on Hive making a comeback after more than 3 years this May and after that I have become more constant with Hive.

Now I do not let the times that I do not get rewards discourage me because I have evolved a lot as a blogger and I would love that the journey of the next year all that I have learned can prove it completely, for that date I hope I have found a better organization in my day to day to be able to dedicate it in time and creativity that requires an active HIVE user, I want a lot that at that time my community is functioning excellently and has excellent a lot of concurrence of interesting publications.

In May I have started with just 5 Hive Power in my account, things had been quite slow in starting, than I found POB Community and that really helped me grow in Hive as well. Since I have started writing on Leofinance as well, my account growth has increased significantly and that too in past 2 months, thanks to all my curators and Hive Community. I am really grateful of Hive Community and Wonderful Tribes like LEO, POB, VYB etc. Here is my Hive Growth Chart of Past 30 days :

Screenshot_20211225_100656.jpg src

Here is the list of major Tokens I hold on Hive Blockchain so far and My goals for Next Year.

Token20212022 Goal

I would love to say that 5000HP Goal but to achieve those numbers it takes a lot of work and time, so in view of my reach during this next year I aspire to have at least 2,000 HP, and I will definitely work hard to achieve it. I've already drawn my goal of 500 HP this year and I'm sure I can Achieve the next one too, in the same way I will continue to strive to increase those numbers more and more. In parallel to growth on other Hive Communities as well. I am already having good stakes in POB and VYB Community, I will keep increasing it and curating in those communities. Now I need to invest more time and efforts to grow myself in Leofinance Community. Leo Community has always excited me, it is one the most popular and strong Hive Community and I definitely want to be a part of it.

At what price (USD) HIVE and HBD Expected to reach next year?

It would be great for the HIVE to reach $10 USD, it would be fantastic for sure but I am positive enough we could surely achieve that one day, and as for 2022 $5 is pretty achievable and we could see Hive price stabling near 3$😊, the HBD on the other hand would be well to reach the value of $2 USD, these would be the ideal prices for me, however it would be much better than despite the Price you have, both coins will be stable and so also give them stability to each user. Hive Dollar (HBD) is giving 12% interest on Savings and I am glad to have more than 450$ in my HBD savings account, although I had targeted it to reach 500$ till year end but it seems to wait for next month I guess. I am much amazed and impressed by stability of HBD and Its interest rate, giving more ways to save and allocate their money on Hive Blockchain.

I had always advised my fellow users to keep increasing their portfolio on Hive Blockchain and be the part of Future. We must and should keep adding value to this platform and help each other to grow. Hive is the best.
It is wonderful to be part of the evolution of HIVE and be part of its growth sum value to the experiences lived within it. Make your Hive goals for next year and let's work together to achieve it. HIVE is just getting started...

Enjoy the festivities and beautiful vibes.I greet you with great enthusiasm, wishing you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year. 😊🙏🤗

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Great Highlight my friend. You should be on VYB rich list now. Thanks a lot for spreading your love and positivity on Hive, am grateful


You are one keep inspiring and amazing me bro, even at Christmas you are working so cool on Hive, Take a Holiday bro🤣😁 !LOL


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😂 watching “The Matrix”, wanted to go watch the Spider-Man at the cinema but traffic made me miss it. So am here back on Hive, am sorry 😝


Well done and glad to see your goals are set forward and hope that you achieve these in the coming months, will be wishing you luck


Thanks dear. Have a good day 😊 !PIZZA

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You are rich boss :D 500HP is huge. Try Hive savings too, its a nice way to multiply your hive rewards.

Merry Christmas to you!


Wow, you're already one of the big boys. You're doing so great in every way. I see you grow that much Hp faster than you expect next year.

You're now part of the Vyb richlist I guess, keep growing bro. I love what you do, the way you connect to others and help guide them with your kind words. Glad I met you and thank you for the follow back .

Merry Christmas again to you 😊❤️


Thanks for the appreciation bro. 😊🙏 It's always great to hear from my lovely POB Gang, how far we all came now, so good to see everyone keeping up and growing on Hive. Let's rock the next year. Take care of your health buddy, try bulking up a bit. Make it your new year resolution, lol. See you around. Have a Great day 😊 !PIZZA


Thanks a lot bro for the encouraging talk. Glad we're all alive and well and ready to move in to the new year together. Take care of yourself too bro, and keep winning, there's a lot more happening, I can't wait.


Congrats and keep on growing!