PSA for @risingstargame Players: You Can Front Run My NFT Purchase

After having some conversations with @stickupboys I finally decided on making an NFT purchase on HIVE blockchain. This is more of a…

HIVE TWITTER I NEED YOUR HELP! - dCity DappRadar Update.

So you may remember that I am working hard to get dCity listed on DappRadar . [Very hard.](

Proposal: V4V.app and the start of a Decentralised Hive <-> Lightning Network Bridge for Podcasting 2.0

Support Proposal 188 on PeakD Support Proposal 188 with Hivesigner Advertising is censorship - Adam Curry, the Podfather If we…

SPK Network | Breakaway Communities, Creators Tokens and NFT-Backed Memes

Hello everyone! We are very happy that the proposal was funded very quickly! Today we want to share

What to know about RCs (Resource Credits) and why HIVE is so amazing

I can't be more bullish on HIVE right now, as reported in my recent post entitled, ["I am SO bullish on HIVE right now!"](

NFT.net: Open Source NFT Generator With A GUI for Non-Techies

You have to be ahead the game to be familiar with NFTs. Even if you are familiar with the asset class and technologies involved, it is…

Not All Corporation Are Capitalist - SnyderCut Hatred At The Cost of Massive Profits is a Perfect Example of It

I have never seen a company sabotage their own finances as much as Warner Bros. have been doing. Although I called it Warner Bros., the…

How Splinterlands Can Benefit From Axie Infinity's Popularity

Blockchain gaming is one of the core sectors that is contributing to mass crypto adoption. Now, gamers & investors can own Digital…

A Look At UST | Is The Terra Money UST The Decentralized Stablecoin That DeFi Was Waiting For?

Stablecoins continue to be one of the hot topics in crypto. Regulators are now watching closely on all stablecoins, especially the…

# Splinter Stats Season 57 Report Card

@vimukthi As for the good news this Season, there is a win streak of 12 Battles. Ranked Ratio has not had much improvement. I have been…

There is Over $1.1 Million Loaded and Waiting in @splinterlands to Make a Purchase + Other Statistics With An All News HIVE Tool

The devil is in the details. I have figured out a great many trades and investment opportunities simply thoguh figuring out small details.…

Plan Ahead Your NFT Purchases in @risingstargame

I have been playing @risingstargame for a long time and one of the lessons I have learned well is that average players never know when…

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #6 | Mobile App v0.0.10, Marketing, Major IDO Details and V2 Migration

In This Week's Update: LeoFinance 10 Major LeoFinance Mobile App Iterations (Version 0.0.10) App On Track for October 1st MVP…

I Thought I Caused 6% Price Surge in @splinterlands NFT | Axemaster Goes Up 25.33% in 3 Days

This happened few days ago and I was already busy with some other work. I decided to write about the market experiences later. It all…


Terrive: Instagram Competitor on Hive Allow me to make my 1st post by celebrating Splinterlands.com reaching Alexa Top 10,000 and #53…

Adapt or die

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I'm running an offline business for about 10 years and I have always been very conservative in

The Barrel Fallacy

Disambiguation: This article is about a blockchain card trading game Splinterlands . If you are interested in the double barrel…

Here is Why I'm Holding on to My @splinterlands Merits

I have been taking part in Guilds since they started. I'm a proud member of Roaring twenties which is #8 among all Guilds in existence. So…

How to buy cheap Splinterlands cards - Using SplintX Price History charts

How to use SplintX Price History charts to buy cheap Splinterlands cards fro

HeyStack - HF25 updates and fixes. So late!

For those of you who haven't seen the project before, HeyStack is a Hive-orientated crypto portfolio tracker. I created it for the…