CENT Token

What is CENT? CENT Token is an experimental token that aims to be worth 0.01USD = 1 CENT Token. What is money? How is its value…

New Partnership Between Hive & Staking Rewards

A month ago, Staking Rewards , a data provider platform for staking and crypto-growth tools, [started community voting for your…

281.25% Gains in 24 Hours Investing in @risingstargame Limited Edition NFTs

If you play your cards right, you can have amazing returns with the hidden gems in the cryptosphere. Blockchain game NFTs are a great…

Brave Release Their Own Search Engine With Indexing Built From Scratch

Brave has been one of the greatest cryptocurrency projects. Even the Basic Attention Token held its price extremely well during the long…

LeoBridge Now Promoted on Steemhunt! How About Presearch Next?

It's time to take the marketing game seriously. We have something epic here with LEO. I'd suspect many of readers here at least own some…

Rising Stars competition BIG BIG giveaway - win a Stick Up Boys exclusive NFT!

Song Promotion! Very excited to have a new song out this weekend called "Going Out" and we thought one of the ways we would promote it…

LeoBridge: The Future of the LEO Token Economy

A few days ago, we launched the CUB Kingdom. One of the most highly anticipated updates to the Cub Finance project underneath the…

CryptoWill: Make Sure Your Loved Ones Inherit Your Cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain

It is all for a small fee of 0.035BNB and a very simple process. I doubt the security is good enough for large sums of money. You are…

The Power & Accomplishments of Free Markets in 110 Minutes

This is what happens when governments & micro-managers stay away and "Human Action" does its job. What is tragic to see is that there are…

Hive Hard Fork 26 - suggestion for consideration.

Hive's Hard Fork 25 is just around the corner, and likely to go live around the end of the month. I have not followed closely, so don't…

Warning to Users Courtesy of Governments + Major Credit Car ...

Warning to Users Courtesy of Governments + Major Credit Card YouTuber Brian Jung Promotes Governments are…

Marketing Talk: Why TikTok Will Matter More Than YouTube & Twitter

Guys/Girls, this might sound dumb. But we really need to be on TikTok! I realized this while commenting on @taskmaster4450le post. Here's…

My Recent NFT Purchases, Staking Rewards and Future Proofing in @risingstargame

Some things take a long time to accomplish. Reaching Country Tour in @risingstargame was one of those things that took a long time with…

# Splinter Stats Season 51 Report Card

@vimukthi Another Season has ended. This one is a very special ending because we ran out of Untamed Booster packs while having several…

Hollywood Joins NFT: Junkie XL - Composer Behind Justice League, BvS, Godzilla vs. Kong , Deadpool, Mad Max, 300: Rise of an Empire Made Official Announcement

Look, I'm a huge fan of Junkie XL. He's one of the greatest living composers we've got today. He's scored some of the most epic scored in…

Introducing CUB Staking Kingdom | Autonomous BNB Rewards and Autocompounding

It's time to unveil the bread and butter of this Kingdoms migration. The CUB Staking Kingdom is now live! Many have stuck with Cub…

Pancake Data on TVL, Trading Volume, Users and Supply

PancakeSwap has continuously building in the last period introducing new features on their platform, like prediction markets, IFOs etc.…

New Features for DLUX

Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences runs on side chain to HIVE. This is currently called dlux_open_token but the name has been…

NFTfi: The Marketplace for NFT Collateralized Loans | Keep You NFT and Liquidate It Too

During the 2017-2018 bull market I saw projects like SALT lending that gave people loans with cryptocurrency used as collateral. Now we…

UI Improvement Suggestions For Ecency Web/Desktop Interface

When creating a technology/software/game, UI/UX development often take a backseat ending up with very mediocre or even unpleasant…