Breaking News: CUB Den Earnings Have Gone Up 41.75% Instead of Expected Gradual Decline Thanks to Clever Tokenomics

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It has only been a mere days since I celebrated CubFinance reaching $6 million marketcap in real time. I was going all in on Farms at the time. You can read about it in detail here. One thing I would always like to see is a price crash when it comes to anything related to HIVE. When LEO price crashed after the initial issues with wLEO, I was relieved and I kept buying more. I was well rewarded for my efforts.

I was going trough articles on and saw a screenshot from @taskmaster4450 which reminded me of the past. I dug to find some of my past screenshots.

March 25th

April 7th

That is An Increase of 41.75%

All of this comes with the great news of more CUB being burned and lower prices for CUB.These were the numbers when we first reached $6 million marketcap:

The Numbers Today With $3.144 CUB

Of course, these amazing fundamentals are going to push me to buy even more CUB and put them in a Den while the prices are still low. I have to load up on some BNB after my previous adventures too.

We have doen this before. If you are new to this, please refer to on getting started on Binance Smart Chain with MetaMask. Don't forget to wail about the ever increasing transaction fees and not having the features and earnings potential of CubFinance.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: bLEo to CUB

Step 4: Harvest Farms

Step 5: Don't Compound Dens

Read the article linked above. I received comments from few users that it had saved them fees. There is no need to pay fees when you can help it. You can simply add whatever that is left in the Den (minus 0.001) to be compounded after clicking on "Max" button.

Earning 0.62% Per Day

The best part is that the earning potential has gone up rather than become diminished over time. I cannot think of any other platform where you can earn rates like this with this much simplicity and safety. We all know that CUB has the potential to 100X in the coming years.

We know that @leofinance team and @khaleelkazi are not planning to go anywhere when they have nearly doubled the value of LEO ecosystem in such a short time. It is when you consider all these factors when numbers like this become even more lucrative:

If you noticed the multiplier in CUB Den go from 10X to 15X, then you have figured out a large part of the reason a 41.75% increase n rewards. Having veteran traders behind the project is going to mean that they know how to handle tokenomics well.

Happy Investing!

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