How I Minted Minimum ~50 HIVE Worth Limited Editions NFTs on Blockchain During April 2021

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Out of all the Special Missions I have done in @risingstargame nothing has been more productive than Easter Egg Hunt. It was all thanks for being able to find an S17 Jive Bunny at cheap prices from the market. I have come to own 2 of the 451 NFTs ever printed of S17 Jive Bunny. The current price compared to the stats of the card already seem like a good deal. After all, there is less demand as Easter Egg Hunt closed down and stopped printing the Special Edition Cards.

Special Edition Instruments Are Amazing

I missed out on the first time there were special missions for Halloween. After that I made sure to participate in the following Special Missions. There were two NFTs available for minting during the Easter Egg Hunt:

  • S18 Bunny Bass
  • S19 Easter Egg Guitar

I will break down my earnings based on the lower estimates of the prices. The sales volume of @risingstargame cards is low and price swings can happen all the time. It can be difficult to even find buyers for your more expansive NFTs in a hurry.

S18 Bunny Bass

  • That is 102,000 STARBITS of value
  • It can be translated as 51 HIVE based on the soft peg
  • At current HIVE-Engine prices, it is 26.52 HIVE

S19 Easter Egg Guitar

I have been a little extra lucky on this particular NFT. On the other hand due to having slightly higher supply and owners themselves being more willing to sell, prices are somewhat lower compared to S18 Bunny Bass

  • I have 9 S19 Easter Egg Guitars
  • That is 27 HIVE of value
  • You can get an even better deal by selling HIVE for STARBITS
  • Price Will Come Down To 23.4 HIVE

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