I Ended Up Writing The Boldest Investment Thesis on Dark Energy Crystals and This is My Title For It

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DEC is a cyclical asset and will remain one for the short term. The cyclical nature is clearly documented within the historical price data as well as my posting history on cryptocurrency investments. The DEC cycle happens to have few great advantages over traditionally cyclical assets. If you have taken time to study charts for Precious metals, Oil, Uranium etc. you will know that short cycles can make an investment very attractive. There are only a few investments in cryptocurrency. BAT is one such example that regularly seem to love the area around 25 cent mark going up and down through that price range.

The Advantage No Other Known Good Investment Provide

None of these are investment advice. It's the thesis behind the actions I take within the market. They are based on my history and analysis of fundamentals. I have skin in the game.

Splinterlands is a #1

This point should be very clear to anyone following DAPP rankings. There is rarely an asset linked to something that leads the pack in a completely new technology. There is a lot of room to grow and @splinterlands is already leading the pack

It is an excellent long term investment

The price of oil managed to go below zero and TSLA is inspiring a lot more EV makers. Renewable energy can have a massive impact on the markets as well. With DEC, whatever that happens will only send the prices higher over the long term. You could forget to sell and you will still make a profit in few months time. Even if you missed buying the dip, you are still early into the asset.

High volatility is like a fast forward button

You can only make so much ROI in a cycle without going into risky derivatives. DEC has no derivatives as far as I know. You are not going to need them as you can double your money 3-4 times a year if you buy/sell around the right time.

Permission-less access + Zero fee trading

Anybody can open an account and trade as they please on two different decentralized exchanges (and four different interfaces thanks to LEO). Nobody is stopping you and your orders can be as small or big as you want them to be.

Exchange arbitrage at ZERO cost

I rarely play the exchange arbitrate game as it takes much effort, time and many places where your profits can get eaten away (including price movement while your deposits/withdrawals are confirmed). You can switch between http://dex.steemleo.com and http://dex.leofinance.io in a minute thanks to @splinterlands interfaces.

This is the most beautiful and elegant arbitrage opportunity I have seen in my life that doesn't rely on extreme circumstances. Switching between exchanges at ZERO fees is available 24/7. I remember @ecoinstats writing about this as well. You should pay attention when he posts something.

Instant +150% Gains

Serendipity is a beautiful thing. After typing the above title, I went ahead to screenshot $0.0004 DEC. That is what I saw few hours ago while I was putting my "skin in the game". We not only have a better instant gains at over 163%, we also have a 7.89% exchange arbitrage from STEEM-Engine to HIVE-Engine.

DEC 1.png

DEC 2.png

Let Us Gain Some Perspective

  • You can have 7.89% instant returns from buying at one exchange and selling at the other.
  • If you happen to like a certain game, you can literally buy a dollar at 38 cents and cash in instantly

Let Us Address Some Whining

I know that there are many who don't buy Booster Packs because they are likely contain a set of cards that are not worth $2. There are those who think the only real financial value in buying Booster Packs is in the airdrops. So allow me some math.

  • If you are an idiot who has not joined a Guild, you will have to pay 450 DEC to buy potions to open a single pack
  • Guild members get upto 10% discount on this
  • @peakmonsters has some helpful calculations to take a look at
  • Break even price per pack is reached at $0.000404081 price per 1 DEC

Booster Packs.png

Currently it is cheaper to buy packs with DEC than to buy cards on the market

Does anybody understand the extent of the insanity of this opportunity? This is no random asset. @splinterlands is backed by two top witnesses of world's leading social media blockchain (@yabapmatt at #12 and @aggroed at #22). On top of that this asset is at the core of world's #1 blockchain game that is working with Ubisoft

Not only I stand by my word that DEC is a Safer & Better investment than AAPL(Apple Inc), I would double down on my words and call it a better investment than Gold.

Yes. I Said That. It's On Blockchain - Let's Hope My Reputation Prevails

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