Locked 100% of My CubFinance Investments for 52 Weeks | CUB Kingdom Migration Tutorial

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I was patiently waiting for variable staking in CubFinance. Today is the day it all became a reality. I locked all my xPOLYCUB into vexPOLYCUB as soon as the feature became available. Locking up CUB is only 52 weeks at maximum. Obviously I jumped ship to loose access to my funds in exchange for a better APR.

The Improved CUB Kingdom

CubFinance has been diligently building even in the bear market. It has some of the best opportunities to earn a good APR in a safe manner on BNB Chain. I am utilizing none of it except CUB! I'm all in on CUB. I am not invested in any stablecoin strategy or HIVE related Farm or any other Farm/Kingdom. My DeFi investment on BNB Chain has been a diamond paws bet on one asset and one asset alone!

Tutorial to Migrate Your CUB Investment

If you don't already own CUB, you can buy some while the prices are cheap. POLYCUB may fall a bit further. CUB on the other hand has been maintaining its value in 2-3 cents range. This is CUB during last 3 months:

Start With Withdrawing Funds

Make sure to have some BNB in your wallet. Don't worry about cost. It won't even take $1. You can buy some on HIVE-Engine DEX.

Approve The New Contract

Stake in New Kingdom

I faced an error when clicking on "Locked". After few attempts I decided to click on "Flexible" and stake.

Convert To Lock

After staking in the new and improved Kingdom, you can start earning ~2 times the APY while waiting for CUB to reach new heights as DAO buy and burn more CUB with its revenue.

It is this final bit that will consume most of the GAS Fees for this operation. It is far lower than the cheaper transactions on Ethereum; but infinitely more expensive than fees paid on HIVE or Koinos.

Bear is Time to Build; Not Sell

Bull markets are saturated with all sorts of competition. Even bad projects get to shine. In fact, most of the projects that shine during bear markets have weak fundamentals and strong marketing. If you don't join the projects that are building while others bail out and lose interest, you are going to miss out on the best of gains that can be achieved without luck or excessive stress.

Leoverse is one of the best teams building DAPPs in cryptosphere. Their history can be verified on HIVE, BNB and Polygon. There is very little left to trust when you can research and verify!

Happy Investing to My Fellow Diamond Paws!

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I don't really plan on selling the CUB in my kingdom either so I will look into it later this month when I do my monthly CUB stuff. It's weird that the fixed versus flexible thing doesn't work out.

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The old Kingdom is not getting paid CUB anymore. You will be missing out on yield if you wait. Migrate your CUB to new Kingdom as soon as possible. Stake flexible and then you can convert them to Lock and earn higher APY. The earnings boost scales in a linear fashion. The extra boost you get for locking for 52 weeks is 2X of 26 week lockup and 4X of 13 week lockup.



Ugh, I thought the old kingdom was still giving us returns. I guess I'll go migrate that over right now and worry about the rest later.

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You can do flexible staking and later find a comfortable time frame to lock your CUB. AMA summary from @scaredycatguide has more details. Best of Luck!



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Unfortunately, I know little about this platform, perhaps it is appropriate to take a look at it. During the Christmas holidays I will try to use it


Congratulations and welcome to the new CUB kingdom. Indeed, you made a lot of sense when you said now is the time to buy and build not sell. I am in that line of thought, which is why I have invested a little in the cub too. We are hoping for the best once the bear market is over. Kudos

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