The Power & Accomplishments of Free Markets in 110 Minutes

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This is what happens when governments & micro-managers stay away and "Human Action" does its job. What is tragic to see is that there are those who look at the free markets with everyday laborers and small time entrepreneurs and even beggars and talk about it as if it were some miracle.

It is not a miracle. There is nothing to see except the baseline of individual human action uninterrupted by bureaucracies and government cartels.

Free Books From Ludwig von Mises is the single best resource on economics I have come across in my life and the best part is you don't have to spend a penny (except for internet and electricity) to access and learn from these great content of great economic minds.

Human Action: A Treatise on Economics

Human Action.png

This is the first thing I recommend people when I want them to start learning economics. Go to the link and you can access the text for free in the form of a 952 page PDF or any of the other modes of access. You have to pay for the physical edition. But the other versions (including audiobook is free).

A Critique of Interventionism

A Critique of Interventionism.png

This is not a book I have read. I don't think I will learn much from it for my personal life. I felt it is highly relevant to the topic of the article and I am a huge fan of the author. Ludwig von Mises reached levels the likes of Milton Friedman could never achieve. Comparing the two is like comparing Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

There is no free audiobook version available on the website. You will have to pickup the habit of reading to go through the material.

Happy Learning!

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