Taming my greed while enjoying the ride - Remembering 4 years ago - my crypto story

Hi there, How has your day been? If you are as active on Hive as I am, it might have been pretty exciting - or nerve wrecking -…

“The Average Investor” and my attempt to buy a PlayStation 4 with Bitcoin

Half a decade of HODL. I have yet to experience the fruits of my patience since getting into crypto in summer of 2017. Yesterday I…

Crypto Neighbors or Bitcoin Buddies?

I just came back from coffee and crypto, at the house of a neighbor and fellow Dutchman ( here in the Portuguese countryside ). The two of

Freewrite: My Struggle With Traditional Employment

Back to writing again, because lo and behold, I found some time! So I've decided to take an extended break from traditional employment…

Crypto & Hive Have Changed Our Lives 🙌 The Future Is Bright 💡

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hive is easily the spark that led my family and I into the wonderful and intriguing wor

Just another day in the life of a creative dino, who is having crypto for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Today, I woke up from the deep to a misty morning. I felt like I had to catch up on some sleep and shake off some kind of bug. I heard t

How I Got Scammed like a NOOB, after 4 Years in Crypto - Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto

**This is a follow up to [DeFi(nitely) not for the faint of heart - Lost some funds - offering a crypto bounty to whomever manages to…

DEFI(nitely) NOT for the Faint of Heart - Lost Some Funds- Offering a crypto Bounty to whomever Manages To Recover it.

I had planned to talk about my creative process, in the last week or so, but a challenge showed up that I need to get o

Hammer Time! ( U ) Can't Touch This - When Sharks Smell Your Crypto

Apparently, M.C. Hammer has gone bankrupt, 25 years after his earworm hit single 'U Can't Touch This' made the

Cub finance - a head start on the road to enlightenment?

Im aware that many people actually like working for a living. I dont. Im not a lazy person as such, but I do have an extremely low…

The Flippening aka Leveling Up - Am I Getting Greedy in times of Extreme Fear?

"To Buy, or not to Buy, that is the Question." - NakaWilliam Satoshispeare These days my greed is bigger than my fear and I don't…

The Power of Crypto - How it has Helped My Twin Sister and her Family to Change and Improve their Life

I often share ho

What DEFI Project(s) to invest in? The CertiK Leaderboard

While on an after dinner walk, I checked the crypto news on the blockfolio app and one headline in particular caught my attention:…

Hive is more than earning cryptocurrency without investment

**It is true I can acquire Hive cryptocurrency w

Backup Backup Backup! - Day 10 without a Functioning Laptop

The Universe is having a laugh. I try to laugh along but I need all energy I can summon to stay calm... This post is meant


Well, @markymark, that's quite the question today as I just told all my HIVE nearest and dearest that I was taking a 48 hour break from…

How did you get here and why are you still here?

Do you remember how you found your way to Hive? Was it your first interaction with crypto? If not, what was? Why are you here…

Breaking News - CUB Token Tracking on Blockfolio

Traders rejoice... it has happened! Cubfinance has been listed on blockfolio. After a sterling turnout from the Hive/Leo community on…

We Interrupt This Launch Day..

.... to bring you announcements of pending announcements of pending launches. a.k.a. a distraction until we're actually ready to…

New LeoFi Products, Snapshot Announcement, CUB Tokens and BEP20 LEO

The time has finally come.. well a time has finally come. As many of you know, multiple branches of the LeoFinance project are…