Alpaca Finance: BSC Yield Optimizer and Leveraging your tokens !

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Alpaca Finance

This is another Yield Optimizer platform which allows you to lend, stake, farm LPs and leverage LP positions.


It is integrated with PancakeSwap and WaultSwap.

It offers traditional lending + staking (equivalent of vaults on many other platforms) for your single assets (c.15%APY on Stablecoins).
It also allows you to stake your ibAlpaca to farm new projects launching through their platform.

The most interesting part are their farms which are mostly LPs on PCS or Wault that you can leverage to get a higher APY.

These are of course risky as any leverage is but you have Stablecoins LPs that you can leverage to up to 4x and you can often choose the borrowing asset you want to use which is kind of nice (you do not have to choose USDT or BUSD).

Finally, you have ibAlpaca staking that yields c.20%.

The team and platform has been here for a while and seems quite trustworthy. They sit at the #6 spot in terms of TVL and are quite funny on social networks, etc...


Leveraging PancakeSwap $CAKE Tokens

I believe most of you already know the PancakeSwap Platform on Binance Smart Chain. This is the biggest AMM (equivalent of Uniswap).


Alpaca Finance allows you to open a position into an autocompounding $CAKE contract either by using USDT and therefore borrowing the $CAKE or pooling $CAKE and borrowing USDT.

Either way, you can leverage to up to 2.5x your assets in order to maximize your APR and eventual returns (depending on which asset you borrow).

To make it simple, if you add $CAKE and borrow USDT you will have capital gains if $CAKE goes up. If you do the opposite, then you will earn capital gains if $CAKE goes down.


What is interesting is that the APY is quite high at >300% and you can borrow a bunch of different assets for your leverage: BTC, BTCB, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD...

Always remember that your position can be liquidated in the event that your debt level reaches c.80%, you could be liquidated. So beware of the risks involved.

I just like to sometimes take my CAKE and leverage them here when they are under 12.5$ and then I close my position when they are at 14.5$ while collecting this juicy APY.

WEN Leveraging CUB LPs or CUB Tokens!?

This is all, enjoy your weekend !


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