is not even the main exchange for $CRO... GET OUT!

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Hi HODLers,

Quick message and reminder about the crazy situation we are in.



You will thank me later. The entire organisation is shady and I am a customer (just for the Credit Card to be honest).

I did not have time to publish my "short-seller" thesis (Yes I do short the hell out of this shit coin) BUT I just wanted to show some information you might find interesting.

$FTT before it went to shit was traded mostly on FTX. It is the exchange's coin so it makes sense right?

BNB is mostly traded on.... Binance!


KCS is mostly traded on... Kucoin!

image.png is mostly traded on... "it's complicated"


If spends 10x more in sponsoring/marketing than competitors but is not even the main exchange for its own coin and has a shitty real volumes for other main pairs (BTC/ETH...).

How did they get all this money?

My main thought is that they do provide staking (higher APR than competition btw) and that they have been dipping their hands into those to pay withdrawals. As these lock-ups will come to an end, users might withdraw their coins and... this is when shit hits the fan!

Time will tell.

Stay safe,

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You still have the CC ? lol I gave up!!



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"is not even the main exchange for its own coin"

This must not be bad, there could be some reasons why this could happen.

Where did you took the screenshots with the volume?


CoinMarketCap. Same on CoinGecko though.

0 is fine! use my damn referal code to sign up for and we both get $25 USD :)


oh and use my cashapp link while ur at it lol is fine tho

i use teh debit card all the time

hahah DONT TELL EM youre actually HOLDING MONE in that wallet ???

just use it to sell and cash out at atms or buy gas and shit lol

i use cashapp at 711 to deposit cash and have a $0 btc withdarw fee for liek $26 or 0.001 BTC at least, its just $1 deposit fee for 5 to 500 a day, and 2% flat rate for buying btc

so u can go into any 711 (most) and give them $100 and walk out with $97 in bct withdrawn no fees, just needs this paper money deposit shit t9oo

hey snoop dogg works with them, so joe biden kamal will bail em out its all good

everyboyd eatin you can ackz the team! team fast and mean


Sadly I locked my CRO for a long time and can’t get out, I have to wait, 😭


Stay strong! Not your keys not your coins hehe :D


ull be fine

uc an always use cashapp and just hold bitcoin lol

4 mo (edited) dropped their interest rates to almost nothing a long time ago. Much earlier than many others.

They had a healthy crypto lending business before regulation killed it in many jurisdictions. It is still an earner in some places though.

The fact that CRO is traded on a lot of exchanges other that their own is a good sign to me.

They are also making money on their credit cards (on merchant fees) now that they dropped their cashback rates.

They also make a margin on trades on their app - which is very convenient but has worse margins that the exchange.

It is a sustainable business if prudently managed.

Just because FTX was a scam (and took out non-scam BlockFi because of reliance upon FTX) does not mean all centralised crypto is a scam.

Not your keys not your crypto is still the watchword, but the credit card and app has real functionality.


I am not going to go into debate. founders have a track record of shady business, they screwed their previous token investors (MCO), they spend more money than anyone else while having less volume/users on their exchange and blockchain.
Finally, I did use their Credit card and yes their app works well but that does not mean they are a safe product.
I might be wrong but I do not think so.
In any case as you said not your keys not your crypto.
I do not mean to FUD but this exchange is the most obvious scam to me.


ah man they screwed over teh MCO holders? theyd idnt get CRO?

that sucks thats liek what @appics did to eos APX holders, not letting them convert their APX they told us we coudl withdarw from steem engien for ever, liek millkions of APX lost , all thsoe investors opn teh appicsappics $APX rich list fucked over, shame on appcis for that

ythey allowed their users to only convert eos APX to telso APX for like a small 1 month windo or some shit to begreedy with all teh telos they got and so they are keeping it all for themselves, scamming everyone who ever posted on appics earning APX for years


ya is fine, just hold ur own coins, and use it to cash ouit

i only use when i am actually selling crypto like, it has eos and wx and maybe steem soon, it shows steem now, doesnt let u deposit yet

when they add HIVE hahahah everyone on hive will be fucking using it and passing around referal links etc watch

because it will eb a crypto visa debit card u can add money onto by fucking posting about it on hive lol

if they add HBD oooh man its gonna be insane for us