FTX Top management looking to fly to Dubai!

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Hi HODLers,

What a shit show this FTX thing has been. It will make a great movie/documentary for Netflix later on but for now, this is an ongoing drama.

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FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder Gary Wang and director of engineering Nishad Singh are apparently in the Bahamas and are “under supervision” by the authorities.

“Right now three of them, Sam, Gary, and Nishad are under supervision in the Bahamas. Which means it will be hard for them to leave,”

It seems that the the former CEO of Alameda Research Caroline Ellison is looking to fly to Dubai as soon as possible. She is reported to be currently in Hong-Kong.

“I just got word that they were trying to get a way to get to Dubai which doesn’t have an extradition treaty.”

Former co-CEO of FTX resigned a few months ago...

This is something that is quite interesting in hindsight. Timing seems quite "fortunate". As it seems FTX had been involved in fraud for a while, I am guessing there was already ongoing fraud when he "stepped down".


This is far from over and as we can see, other dodgy exchanges and projects are being reported as having issues...

I have been vocal for the past 2 YEARS about Crypto.com being probably a Ponzi/Scam of some sorts. It seems that CT is waking up to it as they made a manual error and sent $400mns worth of Ethereum to another exchange (Gate.io).

Well... This is for another story I guess.

STAY SAFE out there guys...


Stay safe my dear,

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There's no doubt this will be a movie one day. Crypto has so much more drama than a soap opera or telenovela. Stay tuned.


It seems that CT is waking up to it as they made a manual error and sent $400mns worth of Ethereum to another exchange (Gate.io).

This time crypto punished for their suspicious action. Sad to see these days for Crypto com. I always tried to stay positive against the project but it is too much :I

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Lol, I guess she's looking for a safe haven. With each passing day, the story just gets more messy. Outlaws thinking that they can out smart the law and fraudsters looking to jump from a sinking ship. This will indeed make a great and interesting documentary!


I am not surprised that they are trying to run away. They are on the line for misusing people's money and I hope they get held accountable. None of the centralized exchanges are safe but it's still the easiest way for people to get involved with crypto. So it makes me wonder what will happen.

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