How to get your Daily Soy Finance Airdrop !

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Hello HODLers and Degens,

After reading posts from @jerrythefarmer & @ghua mentioning the upcoming Soy Finance Airdrop on Callisto Network; I decided to jump in !

This is quite an easy one if you are a Binance Smart Chain user.



2 things to do to claim your daily tokens:

  • 1 trade/tx on PCS. It means that gambling in Prediction markets, trading NFTs does count
  • 1 add/remove LP on PancakeSwap

What I do not get is why there are not hundreds of multi account spamming this. Well, maybe because it will be worth nothing, but I do not want to feel shitty because I would have missed out, so here I am.


So I have gotten my first SoyFinance Airdrop


I have no idea what it will be worth but even 12.37 *0.01$ is better than nothing ! :D

I honestly don't know much about Callisto network and the project apart from posts shared by fellow Hiveans !

Here is the Soy Finance Medium Airdrop announcement post.

They have quite a big audience on Medium for a new project (1.2k followers and some claps)

It compares to other projects like KALATA which has 1.3k followers and a $100mn + Market Cap. I talked about yesterday in this post if you have time: kUSD, the Kalata Protocol "StableCoin"

Stay safe out there,


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