Kalata: Derivatives platform on BSC

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Hello HODLers,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and taking time off the computer.


I just wanted to share a derivatives platform called Kalata that I am using and quite excited about on the Binance Smart Chain. The project is called Kalata and is still in early stage but over the past month they have delivered on many fronts and are gaining momentum.

As usual, this is NOT investment advice, but only my 2 satoshis.


Kalata: Trading UI

I think it looks quite cool as you have the chart on the left (they jsut updated it 2 days ago, it used to look quite shitty xD) and on the right you have the basic swapping widget.


As you can see the $KALA coin has done quite well.

There has been different rounds of Pre-sale and IDO launches. I got my tokens at $0.27 a month and a half ago. So quite a nice return.

You can only synthetize kCoin at the moment which is supposed to represent a share of Coinbase.


Nevertheless, you can have some every good APR on your $BUSD >40% at the moment. You should just know that you earn $KALA and then you need to unlock them by having some KALA-BUSD LP.

So it is a 2 steps process explained very well in their documentation.


Minting kCoin tokens


At the moment you can only mint kCOIN tokens with BUSD, I imagine you will be able to use $KALA in the future. Even if the risk associated will be definitely higher because of the higher volatility.



The Kalata team seems to know how to reach out to other projects and to bring new users.

They have now a TVL of $21mn and have partnerships with Alpacafinance ($1.5bn TVL), Wizzards and other small projects




This is quite an active project on Twitter, Telegram or in terms of development.


I am quite excited on the Q4 roadmap:

  • NFT platform
  • More asset minting !
  • Launchpad (and looking at the number of parternships, it looks promising)

In any case this is still early stage so please, invest responsibly.

Kalata website


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