LeoFi, the place to earn passively on your LEOs ! Short Guide

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Hello HODLers, Lions and Cubs,

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago was launch the Leofi platform. It is another addition to the Leofinance ecosystem as it allows Offer and Demand for Leo Power to meet.


It is making it very easy on the user's side to lease LEO Power and as mentioned by the LeoFinance's team; other Hive-Engine tokens might be added. All of the fees will be used to burn LEO Tokens which is great for all of us.

Once you arrive on the website https://leofi.io/ , you click on Request lease.


Then, this pop-up will appear. You just have to fill the informations and click on Next

  • Account that should receive the LEO Power delegation
  • Amount of LeoPower (Amount of LeoPower you are looking to lease)
  • Amount of liquid LEO you want to pay per week
  • How long you want to lease for


It will then sum-up your request and ask you to sign-in either with Hivesigner or Keychain


Then, you just have to wait for a nice Lion fellow to fill up your order so you can start having more impact on the Leofinance platform.


Who is going to fill my Lease ? :D

It seems like there Ain't nobody got time for that?


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