RE: Splinterlands - Making My Biggest Card Sale So Far

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That is a great strategy ! I did it for a while and then was scared of DEC dropping (as it is 5x its aimed PEG at the moment) and therefore cashed out to farm some $KALA with $BUSD on BSC chain.

Crusaders of Crypto is doing great from a game perspective, we have NFTs, a marketplace, dailyquest to earn some CRUSADER tokens and some NFT drops. Crafting coming soon too.

But the token price is under selling pressure despite this, I am just enjoying my time and I am impressed by how quick the dev has delivered. Some projects never deliver (Cardano) are worth billions and some delivering on promises are worth a few mns. Make sense of this hehe :D

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I want to believe dec dumped so much following the price of Bitcoin and the rest of crypto.

First time in hearing about crusaders of crypto. Have you made a post on it? If you have then I must have seen it.

I think you were into MyDefi pet one time?

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