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Thanks for this very insightful comment ! I did not know about the Max supply being so close !

Crypto seems to have forgotten the decentralized nature though.

Is there anything planned to make BSC and BNB more decentralized ?

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I have not heard anything about BSC or BNB being more decentralised, and it does not look like there is not going to be any change any time soon. However, talking about decentralised, there are lots of decentralised services (e.g. PancakeSwap, Harvest Finance and Auto Farm) which are becoming more popular, more being created over time. Although BSC or BNB will not be decentralised, many of its services are and will be, so it won't be as decentralised as ETH or other cryptocurrencies, but better than it is now.

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Thank you for this message. You are indeed making some very important points that I haven’t thought through.

Services and dapps might be decentralized but nevertheless CZ and Binance will have the control if they wanted to « cancel » some BNB transactions or assets.

This is a tough challenger to ETH for sure 😉

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