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Hi HODLers,

What of the most annoying thing and difficult thing to keep track are your passwords! Especially in the CryptoWorld, I try to have different passwords for different accounts to make it harder for all those hackers out there!


In the normal world, a lot of people are using solutions such as 1Password to make it easier for them. This is definitely one of the pain point of crypto.

Phantom Wallet, one of Solana's most popular made a deal with 1Password to specifically integrate its “Save in 1Password” API

1Password's CEO seemed very excited:

“Crypto innovations are reshaping the world, but for many it seems too confusing or risky to join this transformation,”

As mentioned previously, I am not a huge fan of Solana's centralization and VC backing but if this can help onboard user's safely.

Let's wait and see. Any decentralized 1Password's version out there?

Do you use some password saver app?

As we saw with the Bitfinex hack's funds. Centralizing your private keys are usually not a good idea and once they crack your main password, what happens?

This is my main interrogation, even for let's say Electricity Bills/ Taxes passwords saved on the 1Password application.

Is there additional security to prevent a hacker from seizing all your passwords if he gets your 1Password?



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i think Bitwarden is very good. It is FOSS but dint rhink decentralised, but tou can self-host.



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