Staking and reflecting on the future of LeoFinance 🐯!

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Dear Lions, Dear CUB HODLers,


This morning while drinking my coffee on a terrasse I was reflecting about .

The Blogging platform

The platform per se is well done, it functions perfectly and there are bug fixes and updates regularly. In addition as we learned during the past AMAs, there is a developer focusing only on the development of the UI and other things that could get added to leofinance.

I have a lot of optimisim for and continued to increase my stake through Powering up and Buying some on



The Content

As we spend a lot of time there, we learned to know each others and the different topics covered.

We have bloggers writing about the Leofinance / Cub ecosystem; some are writing about other blockchains completely different (Thorchain, Solana, Travala), some are focusing on more traditional finance blogs and finally some are doing personal development posts.

I believe the diversity of topics is one of our strongest value proposition.

Nevertheless, it seems that lately we have been talking a lot about "us" meaning our ecosystem and much less about the entire cryptospace or more general topics.

Don't get me wrong, I do not see this as a negative but if we aim to be a truly crypto and finance decentralized community, we should aim to bring bloggers and readers from everywhere and as I scrool through the main posts, it seems we mostly talk about Hive, LEO and CUB.

I have clearly fallen into this habit as it is the content that our current user base is looking for.

This is also a personal reflection as I aim to improve and try to broaden my articles to try to reach out of our confort zone.

Lions 🐯, see you at the AMA and if you cannot join; I wish you all a nice Friday and a good weekend.

Take care & Be safe out there,


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