These are the 4 Cryptos I am DCAing DAILY!

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Hi HODLers and Hiveans,


I just wanted to write a quick post about my best trade over the past 2-3 months...

DCAing daily with Revolut (1.25% fee per trade, that sucks, I know...).

I have started invested 45 days ago and I am up 30% overall.

First 30 days:

  • 50% ETH
  • 50% BTC

For the past 15 days:

  • 35% BTC
  • 35% ETH
  • 15% UNI
  • 15% IMX

Why did I add the two last ones?

Simple: Uniswap has the best AMM and DEX Tech out there with the most liquidity. They have started to earn a subtantial amount of fees which should only increase going forward

ImmutableX? Best Layer 2 for Gaming right now.

Quite centralized but they keep hiring top Gaming/Blockchain talent while having some of the best Blockchain Games out there. Might be a big GameFi winner.

That's all!

And you what are you buying on "CEX" app if you are DCAing?

Stay safe out there,

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What blockchain is ImX?


Never heard of it before, immutableX which blockchain can it be found, just wanted to know new things.

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Nice article friend,you rock

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