Time to touch grass my CryptoFriends...

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Hi HODLers and Lions,

These past few days have been crazy. FTX was probably my favorite exchange over the past 6-9 months. I felt this was a good app, available to US users and where one was able to trade without any KYC.

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Then the news hit and I was like:"F**K!". I have been vocal about some exchanges that I am not confortable with: Crypto.com but I thought FTX was the safest one after Coinbase...

I was wrong. But if this exchange screwed us and literally played and lost our deposits, I would be careful with Crypto.com (mroe from a business perspective than stealing our funds). The main difference is that nobody use Crypto.com while a lot of traders and investors used and trusted FTX.

I have not bought any coins during the dip and luckily I was not affected by the FTX bankruptcy as I had either lost or withdrawn my balance...

To stay positive, any coins you are looking at? Buying ETH at $1000? Bitcoin at $15,000? What else?

I thought about maybe increasing my position in Uniswap or other DEXes. HIVE took a hit and I am thinking since I spend most of time there, why not buy some more tokens.

Finally, as ETH is down a lot, I was reflecting to maybe buy some SORARE cards to make a football and NBA teams. As cards are priced in ETH, they are cheaper and if ETH comes back and I am good, I might make some good profit while not trading like a degen :D.

I was thinking about something, I truly hope that Michael Saylor is not close to its liquidation price... Otherwise, we are in for another black swan event.

I am out, going to play some Poker tonight! For fun, not to make any kind of losses back :D. If you know any Poker Youtube to watch, I would be happy to!


Stay safe my dear,

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If thier is list of dangerous people in the world right now ,cz should be in top 10

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Touch grass friend! Tough time all around, for those of us that go hard in crypto the burnout can be real. I think I'll go for a walk to the beach and grass, and sand.

on a separate note, sorare has been crushing it. great to them pick up some premier leagues teams now too. stay strong!

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Legendary times we live in when the unthinkable continues to happen. This is crypto, the rise and falls are amazing.

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