Rabona the new Splinterlands

Following in the steps of the ground breaking Splinterlands Rabona is now introducing NFT's. The philosophy is simple create a dog shit…

Debt piling up 6.5m

Financially going straight down hard Season is all over with a few games left. Highly unlikely to

Financial Meltdown???

The Season is going reasonably well on the field. After a promotion the team is holding its own and is still in contention at the top of…

Rabona Promotion End of Season 1

After our first season we have managed to get promoted by quite a distance. Was fairly easy from the get go with not much opposition.…

BTC to 100k F**k Off

The 100k prediction is quite conservative most "experts" are predicting 1m How are they able to make such predictions? Coz they are…


After a successful first token "Bro" which has and is doing very well here comes another token. My first reaction was f that however…

WOW Actually Profited

These are my remaining cards. After deciding Farmfarmer wasn't for me I decided to cut my losses and undelegated all my cards and sell…

What is The Hive Builder Project? And Why I Invested 100 HIVE in HBT token??

Hey All; This is for the first time that I'm investing in the HBT token . I have been hearing all good things about the Hive Builder…

Is it really that hard to understand?

BUY AT 1 HIVE SELL FOR UPTO 1.5 HIVE That's the only thing behind HBT token you need to really understand No really its that…

Back to Safety and recover losses

After taking a gamble on Farmfarmer, after a week its unclear where its going, time to take stock and make some money without taking a…

FarmFarmer Day 9 Over before it started

Day 8 was going pretty well Mining rate was rising, tokens were holding good value everything was looking rosy Then comes greed, lack…

FarmFarmer Day 8 First FarmGov Mined

Increased Collection Managed to add an extra 7 Cattle rancher Cards 4 x 7 mining power Resulting in increased power ![farm…

FarmFarmer 7 days later

Collection ![farm7.png](

You Don't Get Respect, You Earn Respect @Hivebuilder Delivers

A while back I wrote a post regarding the Hive Engine Token @hivebuilders and their investment model. Their club sold Tokens for 1 HIVE…

New Venture Zero Risk

As you can tell from by blog I gamble. No surprise there. Now this does not only apply to sports betting, in my view it applies to every…

There can only be one!

Predicting the price of bitcoin is never easy. Predicting it every 24 hours is even harder. Then again it is 50/50 either up or down.…

Ups and Downs


Deja Vu

Same teams same situation same outcome This was 2 days ago ![img_0.7474134026283493.jpg](

Football's back

The football season is back underway. There were a few games on today after getting 2/3 on a treble and managing to cash out my stake…

About time

After 2 days off being unlucky finally got one to come in. Was down £300 over past 2 days with some incredibly unlucky outcomes. Missed…