How to make an online server

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today we will discuss about mikrotik, surely hive friends generally already know what mikrotik is.

here we will discuss how the server can be accessed by outside networks.

First, let's login to the proxy
this is the proxy login display.

then we click the IP menu and select Firewall, NAT, then click the + (Add) option

then select "NAT"

then select "+ (add)"

select "General"

then filled :
Chain : dstnat
Dst Address : IP Public
Protocol : 6 (tcp)
Dst Port : 80 / match the server port

after that select "Action"

then filled :
Action : dst-nat
To Address : IP Server
To Port : 80 / match the server port
select apply then ok


then open the browser, type the public ip that we created earlier
example: (public ip) port: 80
type in the browser
if you don't want to add the name of the database server
example :

hopefully useful for all friends

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