Crypto Companions could be the Next Big Play-to-Earn Game

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I got 16 OG (the rarest mints) Crypto Companions NFT, 1 legendary, 2 rare and 6 common companions.

I have the feeling that Crypto Companions could be the CryptoPunks of Avalanche. These cute NFTs are hand-designed, fixed-cap ERC-721 NFT that lives on the Avalanche C-Chain. Each Companion is custom-made, rather than algorithmically generated.

Players can battle by stacking three companions and forming a totem. Totem has properties inherited from companions, such as ATK, DEF, HP. These are additive. However, what makes things interesting are the power and stability of a totem.

Stability is how susceptible a totem is to special attacks, and power is how powerfully special attacks can be dealt by that totem. When two players battle, they reveal the structure of their totems. Each player picks a sequence of attack moves. Each player keeps a certain quantity of hidden information secret.


In addition to player versus player battles, there will also be land ownership, maps, quests, weapons and more features. The game will use Chainlink's verifiable random functions (VRFs) to determine the winner of the battle.

If you want to get your Crypto Companion, here is the link, #NFT #BlockchainGaming

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