XCHAOS - Allocated Splinterlands Packs With Airdrop Value!

Worried about missing out on Chaos Legion and want to get guaranteed packs? Too Long, Didn't Read: Buy XCHAOS and get guaranteed…

Telos EVM Mainnet Is Live + Telos EVM Contest

Good news for the Telos Network users. Those of you who have been following me up on here must have been aware that the Telos EVM mainnet…

Hive, is it a better investment then Bitcoin or Ether?

The Premise: It's a better investment I was reading a post by @pouchon and wrote my reply to his reply this morning, and it dawned on me

Triggered Again! There is no such thing as IP in the WEB3 era.

Saw another article today about quote "[How Intellectual property could be Transferred through the Blockchain Ecosystem](

The Best Outcome Of Cryptocurrencies Adoption

We are in a middle of a very unusual shift in finances. For the last 10 years, a new type of asset, decentralized (not owned by any entity…

3Speak The Plan Has Changed

3Speak The Plan Has Changed I'll admit first I don't follow 3s
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1UP - A New HIVE Outpost For PlayToEarn Blockchain Games And NFT Assets

A new Hive-Engine token has been created, called ONEUP. It powers a new outpost community called 1UP, which is dedicated to the blockchain…

The fear of DeFi as a financial innovation

Fear of DeFi innovation, caution and acceptance. I ran across this article in Forbes today, following a link from Twitter. I love the…


Hey Everyone! We're excited to announce our second Diesel Pool offering LP rewards in a PIZZA:DEC swap pair! As many of you know we are…

Let's Look at the Hive Ecosystem

Crypto and Blockchain Empowering Users and Developers NOTE: This post was written for crypto curious people on Medium. It's the…

Why Asking Me Which Token to Buy Is a Mistake

Many people assume because I’ve owned Bitcoin since January 2013 that I’m the right person to ask about cryptocurrency trading advice.…

I need help

I've been away for a while and i need help moving my steem to leodex. Can anyone help? Posted Using LeoFinance Beta
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8 Things Minnows Can Do to Help the Steem Blockchain TODAY

We can all help our blockchain right now, here are eight specific ways YOU can help. Bild von

WeedCash News - We Now Have an EOS Token!

This is exciting news for WeedCash Network users because this opens up our token to the much larger EOS market! We hope to soon get listed…
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China First Country to Launch Digital Currency?

Libra is really making some big waves out there on the global stage. Stage one. Have Bitcoin convince tech companies they need to…

Work For Passion vs. Work For Money

One of the more obvious problems in our society is the overt obsession with money and financial gain. Everywhere I look, it seems that…

STEEMIT: Connect by creating bridges.

City Parent Just like in real-world life, online life has to be built on the networking we do over time.

The Litecoin codebase was not responsible for the Dash "instamine". There was another reason.

The Litecoin codebase was not responsible for the Dash "instamine". There was another reason. A common explanation for the Dash…

Invest in Weedcash and double your stake

Here’s the deal: If you buy invest your steem on the market 10 to 40 WEEDCASH and Stake them up in your Steem-Engine Wallet, I will double…

My Favorite Tribes

These Communities get my vote. These picks are based on my opinions only. The fact that only three communities are selected doesn't mean…