Financial Goals 2021: Riding Leo Into Retirement

20 days ago
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Leo is going to help me retire this year. I'm calling it right now, Leo goes to $10 plus and I don't have to worry about my finances every again. $10 is only around a 60 million market cap which is nothing in this market especially if Bitcoin makes it to the 100k level and crosses a trillion dollar market cap.

My Plans On Leo And Hive

Working my ass off. Leo is one of the best sites there is to make content for and one of the best places online to make money for your work. Creating work that gets you both upvotes on Leo and Hive can really add up. All I need is Leo and/or Hive to climb a bit and this can be a full-time job. My plan is to only use 2 votes a day for myself and then use the rest for my contests when they pick back up. If I post more than 2 posts I just won't upvote myself.

There is also the microblogging site which could be a great opportunity and tied with Leo this could be what I need to push me over the edge of a full-time online content creator.

My Crypto Plans Outside Of Leo


I'm trying to get enough coins that pay dividends so that I can use that as my daily income. I'm using my divs to compound the coins that are the cheapest with the high returns in order to compound as fast as I can. There are lots of super cheap alts right now that are paying good dividends so that is my focus right now.

Combining the dividend compounding and the content creating I think I can pass the threshold where enough money is coming in to sustain myself and then work until the alt season for low cap coins starts. And even if it doesn't as long as my bills are paid with divs and content I'm still good to go.

The smart play might be trying to ride the bull market with buys and sells but it's risky and I'm used to my compounding div strategy.

But like I said Leo is going to $10 and we are all going to be rich.

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