Welcome To Leo! - The Daily Contest (Weekend Edition)

16 days ago
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Happy Friday people of Leo,

Did Leo pass 60 cents? I'm pretty sure someone wrote an article yesterday about how we are undervalued in this market... Good job to the team as usual and a thank you to the community who is putting the work and showing people what this site can be.

Now contest time.

We have a weekend edition!

What does that mean? Well it's the same as the daily but it's open all weekend. So more upvotes for people. You have until Monday for this one to enter.

This contest is for the newbies. There are two options, one for new users and one for old.

1.) This is for people who just joined this week. If you joined this weekend even better. Drop a hi in the comments and tell me about yourself. That's it. You can tell me where you found Leo or why you got into crypto or just what your favourite colour is. No minimum or maximums required, just write hi and whatever you want to share.

2.) This is for users who have been here for more than a week. Shout-out a new user. You can also leave a comment on their post and let me know in this comment section that you did it. Make people welcome.

Upvotes will be given out a plenty! And the whales might be watching so put in the effort and you might get more than one upvote. Leo is looking really good right now in price so I really recommend you enter this.

We have one of the best communities here on the web.

Support Is Appreciated

As always any support is appreciated from delegations, to upvotes, to shares and tips. Any support is welcome and I thank you in advance.

Enter by leaving your comments below.

Have a great weekend Leo

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