Unicorns In My Wallet, But Will There Be Glitter?

The Unicorn, NFT Drop In My OpenSeas Wallet Today I logged into Openseas.io to take a peek at my WeirdWhale collection (which is fairly…

NFT DPOS ISLAND: Get Your Acre Now! (Idea For Fun)

For Sale Here Recently in my Discord Channel we've been talking about buying an Island. Leave the Covid Regulati

$58,000 BTC, You Can Smell $60,000 From Here.. ATH When?

Bitcoin is on a bit of an evening tear and despite all the people telling me the bad economy is going

Making LeoFinance Fun

Alright Guys, I've been thinking about how to get back to having fun. It's been a serious year, and while investing is serious it can…

Bitcoin Maxis And Bitcoin Dominance - 42.26%

#Confession: I am a bit triggered by Bitcoin Maximalists. They remind me of poor Peter Schiff out there predicting the end of Bitcoin…

Bitcoin Has CRASHED Down To $54,839!!

Just hours after hitting $55,750 - Bitcoin plunged nearly a thousand dollars.. to $53,839 While what I

Bitcoin Grinds At $50,000, Q4 Is Going To Launch!

Bitcoin is grinding right around the $50,000 USD price right now and many including myself are expecting a Bitcoin run in Q4 2021.…

A Year Ago, Today: Bitcoin Was At $10552.04

October 2nd 2020 - A year ago today. A Year Ago, Today: Bitcoin Was At $10552.04, ETH - $346, BNB - $26, And Cub wasn't born yet…

Everywhere I look, There is Splinterlands! Way To Go!

Well, if you use Hive and are unaware of the success of Splinterlands lately, you must not be able to read. However, it goes well beyond…


Among several innovations brought by decentralized finance ( Defi) to the cryptocurrency world is the ability to lend and borrow…


The difference is struggling to keep up vs. being stagnant. In a previous post I talked about wanting to know why or how you would…

Leofinance- A Community of Trust

As we continue to make progress in the world of financial technology, we have the imminent need to build a community of trust within ours

BTC and Crypto Take a Hit on China News

Hey Everyone, There is a lot of interesting news about Chinese Economic instability coming out last night and this morning. The impact…

LEO PRIDE - User Feedback - And A Writing Challenge

Hey Everyone, Sorry about the delay on getting the User Feedback Organized. I had a family emergency last week and had to make several…

The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To LeoFinance.io (Week #12)

The statistics within this post is taken from Semrush , and as I happen to get a weekly report that is called: *Organic Research: Pos

Adding To My Cub-BNB Wallet - Using CoinEx.com

BNB and CUB are both looking a low today, while I am not sure either is at a bottom it felt like a good time to add a bit to my CUB…

LeoFinance User Feedback. Leo Pride.

A couple of days ago I asked the LeoFinance Community for feedback in this post. [

LeoFinance Weekly Stats 08/30/2021 to 09/05/2021

Welcome to the weekly edition of the LeoFinance stats report. This is a weekly report covering August 30 through September 05, 2021. If…

Global Bitcoin Day, September 7th - $30 Bitcoin Purchase Encouraged

Tomorrow is the day that El Salvador adopts #btc for it's nation currency and the government of El Salvador will be granting each person…

Leo Pride - Farming the Community For Ideas

How do you grow a Social Media Project? I like the idea of Social Media above the idea of "Blogging". Meaning create a network of…