Bitcoin Approaches $40,000 - No Sell Pressure

As Bitcoin approaches $40,000 there seems to be very little sell pressure as it is rising on low volume trades. When there is a lot of…

Moody Crypto Markets and Bitcoin Recovers a Bit.

Moody Crypto Markets!

What To Do During The Bear Market

Fat bear "747", from Katmai National Park Bitcoin dropping under $30,000 and hanging there makes me think there is still room for down…

Last Chance To Buy Bitcoin Above $30,000?

I stole the headline from The Crypto Dood - @the-bitcoin-dood on Twitter, but BTC appears to be approach

Bitcoin's Fear and Greed Levels - Extreme Fear

Do you follow the Greed and Fear Index? I like to watch it as one indication of where the crypto markets are at and where it m

Late Monday Hive Pump

In a break out move I don't think anyone expected Hive has made a significant move from $.30 in one 30 minute candle up to .43 and it…

Seven Weekly Candles: Bitcoin

For seven weeks Bitcoin has been trading mostly between $30,000 and $40,000 USD. While that is a fairly large range it has stayed int…

CUB and LEO - Expecting a BIG July.. FOMO

CUB'S JULY CALENDAR graphic credit: I stole this right off a LEO FINANCE POST. The post is here, [Source](

Taking a Peek at Hive Price

Hive is up about 13 percent today and still moving upwards along with a few other tokens, on a day most things are trading fairly flat.…

Bitcoin Isn't Fair!

I came across this little manifesto this morning and it made me laugh. Bitcoin is a perverted social contract apportioning economic…

Release Of The CoinEx Smart Chain, CSC, CET

While the Bull market was hot, I decided to purchase exchange tokens. I got in on BNB in it's earliest days and bought quite a bit of BNB…

RIP John McAffe, A Flawed Visionary, Rebel and Creep.

In a democracy, power is given not taken. But it is still power. Love, compassion, caring have no use for it. But it is fuel for greed…

It's a Bloody Crash Tuesday - BTC, ETH, and Basically Everything

Things weren't looking great when I went to bed last night, and they are even worse this morning! What a mess the crypto markets are…

HIVE Is Going To List Shares On The Nasdaq.

The headline says it all, however, if you didn't know, there is another blockchain company in the crypto space with the name HIVE. They…

On January 7th 2021, BITCOIN Surpassed $40,000 - Here We Are Again, I Don't Know What To Expect

Through most of 2021 BTC was above $40,000 but in late March it feel below and has been bouncing between $30k and $39,000 until today when…

Is The Bitcoin Bullseason Back On?

From REUTERS: Bitcoin surged 9.83 % to $39,035.47 at 22:05 GMT on Sunday, adding $3,492.71 to its previo

Will Volcano Mining Save Bitcoin?

Source: QuoteEl Salvador's Pres

If Only There Were A Platform For Decentralized News

Funny thing about Hive is it seems someone decided "content doesn't work" and since then the focus is on policing our 9000 daily posts and…


Hey Everyone, Bitcoin testing another round of down and no one seems that sure whether we are correcting or entering a long term bear…

This is What Stable Coin Defi Was Made For...

Good Bloody Morning Everyone, First of all.. WTF. Now that I have that out of the way, if you didn't f