Breaking The Depression: Acceptance

9 months ago
3 Min Read
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No, I am not talking about emotional depression.

I'm talking about when you have been watching a slow, steady decline in a market for 2 years.

That's where Steem is at, we went from a quick glimpse of $8 slowly painfully down to .11ish cents. It hurt. It hurt our user base, it hurt our whales, it hurt our witnesses, it hurt our apps and it hurt our egos, efforts and sense of purpose. Maybe not everyone was impacted. However many were.

Many got mad, lost drive, motive, creativity.. Like any set of angry people living in a small place some started to lash out, blame others and feel we are on the wrong path.

It's not a pretty place currently, content is weak, engagement is weak, vision is weak, but what we have seen in the last 2 months is that Steem does still respond to Market Conditions and Market conditions are getting better.

No one knows the future, but I think the crypto markets are starting to recover and Steem will likely do the same. Over the past 2 months we have gone from .119 to .225 that's pretty impressive. Out performing many other projects.

Often in early recovery people have a hard time noticing that change has already begun.

At least once a day I see someone commenting about how dead Steem is and how broken it is. Yet, they are here posting. lol. People will always complain. We will always pick out someone who is on trending too often and worder or complain about the fairness of it.

The rage quitter always come back. It is the bored that wander away without grandstanding that we are truly at risk of losing.

In anycase, it's my opinion Steem will not be for everyone, those who can not handle unfairness, those who need an authority to appeal to, those who are overly concerned about other people's success will likely always struggle. If you consider a bad downvote "Violence" this may not be the right place for you.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is a bad decision to call people names, guess their motives and demonize them in the name of protecting Steem. Downvoting for differences of opinion might be a bad decision, but it is an acceptable and allowed course of action on Steem.

Being upset over stakebased voting and whether or not you think others are curating correctly is something I think we can all consider and find somethings we disagree with. That is exactly how we create diversity on the platform. By disagreeing.

The question is... how do you deal with problems on a somewhat decentralized platform which is managed by DPOS.

For me the solution has been to understand how it works and while I would do it differently, since I am not in charge. (damn it) I just use my stake and my influence the best I can. Some like my approach others do not. I'm pretty okay with that.

In the past 2 months we are seeing some new users, better price action, some new volume in trading on the exchanges, the fix for SBD came in the form of Price for now (vs conversion)

If you think it is dead and yet still come here to complain, preach, post or milk, then maybe it isn't as dead as you would like to say.

I accept we have a depressed economy, and all the baggage that comes with that. We have people who have stuck it out and worked through it, but have done so at the price of facing disappointment and possible failure.

It takes one pump, one virial post, one major investor, one big news story to turn things around. I accept where we are for now.