Another Path to BSC

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For those of us in the US getting on to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) can be a challenge. If you have been paying attention you know that BNB tokens come in two flavors. BNB - Native coin the token of the Exchange and also BNB - BSC. I guess one could consider it a type of wrap.

CoinEx is a nice little exchange with a great selection of tokens, a nice referral plan, a native token to reduce fees and my favorite new feature is you can withdraw BNB directly to the BSC and then also to CUB and LEO.


Other than Binance this is the only exchange I know of where you can directly sent to BSC directly. Meaning you can deposit nearly any token, purchase BNB and send it back out to BSC using your wallet address on metamask.

The transaction is cheap and fast. You can sign up and trade on CoinEx using an email and a phone number to verify.


For me this saves a lot of steps when entering the BSC on the way to CUB.

Let me know if you want a referral code or stop by my discord THE PULSE if you have any questions or comments.

Happy Compounding


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