Decentralizing the Internet - Helium

1 year ago
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This morning I saw an Ad that actually got my attention, while browsing this morning I came across an Ad that was of interest to me. That rarely happens.


Decentralizing the Internet is what Helium says they want to do. The pitch is that you buy a hotspot and in turn you will earn some of their CryptoCurrency tokens for adding to the network.


I have not done due diligence yet, the topic interests me. To be clear I am not recommending you either buy or not buy a hotspot, but I love the idea of not having a pay a large ISP for my connection and I love the idea of having connectivity through my neighbors and peers vs large corporations or government installed utilities.


I am curious if anyone else has heard of this company or looked into it.

Many people think taking our currency back from governments is key to Freedom and limits oppression. That idea is one of the reasons Bitcoin launched and gained visibility after the 2009 financial crisis.

I believe Bitcoin (currency) is an excellent first step, in addition we need to take back: Information, Entertainment, Education and the Arts. This can be done with STEEM and it's Dapps even though we are currently focused on "Blogs", our blockchain is well suited to communication, Freedom of Information and Publishing.

Another important part of the Freedom picture is access. That means decentralizing power and the Internet.

I'm going to look into Helium, don't confuse that with buying in, I just want to do some research. While I don't know if this is the project to support I do want to support projects which disrupt the current control of our information/knowledge and access to it.

If you have looked into this project or are curious, let's crowdsource vetting it! Many of you have a much greater ability to understand any important technical details.

I don't know if we need to tokenize everything, but I do want to decentralize everything!