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I've talked about it before, but as I watch more and more people continue to insist that Doge is just a pump and dump, I am shocked they aren't seeing the signs.

The DOGE pump is more than a pump it's user adoption. Whether you love it or hate it, for now, it is changing the face of crypto. At some point, it will calm back down. It will never be the same ole meme coin though.

Stores are accepting, exchanges are listing it, and it will now to an entire group be... THE People's Money. This is basically fueled by the wallstreetbets group who have compiled a powerful group of people who want to stick it to the rich wall street traders. I don't blame them I want to stick it to the man too.


The difference is that this group of traders does not want .00008 of a bitcoin. They want to hold and watch their asset grow just like we did.

The Bitcoiners who insist Bitcoin is the only way are no better than the bankers who insist we must use USD. Don't be Peter Schiff, you have to adjust to market conditions when you see them.

If you find you are pissed off by this DOGE development and change in market conditions, you haven't learned or remembered anything about how you got into crypto, DOGE is literally a BTC Fork with higher inflation and no end to the print date.

New crypto adopters don't want to go to Coinbase and buy .0007 Bitcoin. They want a nice little stash of what they believe is a decent investment and has the added benefit of sticking it to the man. Insisting Bitcoin is the best crypto doesn't make it so.

There is a win for us all in this though. As these new crypto fans come in, like we all did they will get curious about other projects and their money will eventually flow into the general crypto markets.

Doge is more than a Meme, it is trendy money and that trend will last this whole bull season no matter how unprepared you were. Don't be Peter Shift, change with the market.

Always remember what a bit of hype and excitement can do.

I still do not hold DOGE, but I am not kidding myself that the overall market view of DOGE will ever be the same.


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