In The Last Bull Market It Took Steem 7 months to go from $.07 to $8

9 months ago
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The Alts are getting some action and Steem continues to move with the overall market. Not at the fastest pace or the slowest pace, but it's moving.

Here is the current chart using 4 hour candles on Bittrex.

I don't know what will happen in this season, but people are talking about Crypto again and many things are different.

For those of you who don't remember $.07 or were not here yet... At the low we had about 5000 posts per day. The first price adjustment came when Dan Rage Quit leaving a cryptic post on The next day the price was $.26 from there we hit a dollar fairly shortly after and the price and user activity flowed up with the rest of the market to our peak price at $8.

User activity tracked with the price or vice versa, recently I've seen several former Steem Users coming back, and if the price pumps or there is a lot of press, you will see how fast the former users come back...

"Hey Everyone, I've been really really busy, but I'm back now!", announced FormerUser.

Personally, I will welcome them back. The bear market on Steem was not a pretty thing to watch, and I can't find fault with anyone who started to doubt our ability to survive, or just didn't enjoy the culture.

However, those of you who stuck it out, now have the advantage of active followers and more Steem if you held. So, it will likely work out perfectly.

As more people return, content will again improve and become more competitive, the votes will spread out more and stakeholders will have to decide between influence and profits.

It's going to be interesting!

If you think all the infighting calms down when the price goes up... Well, wait and watch the more people think the value of Steem is going to go up, the more they fight over it! :)

What are your thoughts and predictions about Steem in a bull market?