#NewSteem Maybe Time For #CherrySteem! :)

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It's been four months now since my #NewSteem post and it has become the community's, and it is long-shot from where it started. I think that is great. The original post got over 500 comments and held appeal.

#NewSteem became the battle cry for those who wanted to see change and those who didn't now use it to criticize the changes.

For me it was about a culture change and it was a suggestion for a Marketing Campaign, one that might speak to those who felt they knew Steem and should maybe take another look.

Marketing is about getting people talking and at least within our own community #NewSteem did that.

For me it was about taking our all of our changes and applying a sense of excitement and hope and embracing possibilities of what Steem could be. A rebranding of sorts.

Here is what I was calling #NewSteem: (from the original post)

NEW STEEM is Fresh and new and exciting. It is filled with humans who want to engage, contribute and help grow and develop Steem. Everyone is onboard on NEW STEEM

We are not making changes because we are sad and scared.

We are making changes because the changes are awesome and FRESH.


  • New community funding -SPS
  • New Community Tools - Scot tokens and sites
  • New Scalability - Mira
  • New Economic Model - EIP
  • New Leadership in SteemIt Inc one of our funding and development companies
  • New Attitude - Thriving

Write up or Mock up your Ideas and let's build a Community Marketing Effort! We do not have a budget and we need your help and your support!

Use the tag #newsteem

We may never have this many changes at once again, at the beginning of a new bullrun. Let's not miss this opportunity!

As you can see the part I thought was the most important was an attitude of Thriving!

#NewSteem now belongs to the community, however, it was never specifically about the EIP or any specific change, it certainly wasn't meant to justify internal battles.

It's intention was to get people excited about Steem and talking to the outside world.

Who has the next idea? I'd like to skip #steemclassic and head right into #CherrySteem.