One Mission, Get People Here... Keep People Here

1 year ago
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So many opinions about what is good and bad for Steem.

I stole this art, if it is yours let me know and I will send you a few steem! Otherwise sue me.

I refuse to let go of the mission that if you get people here and keep people here an economy develops.

Splinterlands is good for Steem.
BROsino is good for Steem
Casino games are good for Steem.
Jerry Banfield was good for Steem. (until he did that little sucking thing)
SE tokens are good for Steem.
High Inflation is good for Steem.
Steemit Inc is good for Steem.
Even the EIP could be good for Steem if someone spun it. *NewSteem
Curation groups are good for Steem
If we ever get SMTs they will be good for Steem.
Fighting and Drama are good for Steem.
Crying about Downvotes are good for Steem
Shit posts can be good for Steem.

It's all about eyes on the site and transactions.

People having passion and caring is good for Steem.

Some will hate the bots, some will hate the personalities, some with want to wank the chain... (play with math)

I am glad for trolls and fine with Tone Vays saying we are a scam. Please, just say our name.

People like success, people like to be a part of something growing and fun...

I don't care if it is SMTs, SE tokens, Games, Social Networks.. and I sure don't care about promoting the best content.

I want people to come and find their tribe or post their push ups or play their game or dream of riches...

I don't care what floats your boat, float it on Steem.

Shout out to SteemIt Inc for creating interest and getting crypto reporters to say our name!

Investors come where people are gathered. Yes, it really is that simple.

Gather the people, if not the ones we have... New ones.