RE: Buy cards in Splinterlands using LEO and other cryptocurrencies

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Aggroed has done a great job at allowing cross platform deposits in to Hive-Engine as well.

It's great to give people places to send and spend their crypto.

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Indeed they've linked Splinterlands quite well with Hive and the communities from here. Seeing the impact of just one single successful project, I cannot imagine what will happen when others will shine. The HIVE blockchain is doomed for greatness and so are the communities from here that are ready to work their butt to keep pace with that!

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This will a be beautiful thing that Agg, Matt and the community of Hive helped paved the way for... A glorious future for Splinterlands, the Hive community that supported them and the Hive ecosystem as a whole. Maybe this future is brighter than anyone could ever imagine...


I agree! I see that your still here after all these years on Hive engaging and being awesome. Just wanted to say Hi and you rock. 🖖