Setting Group Goals for Steem

9 months ago
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The Milk Challenge revealed that many people agree that improved activity and engagement are good for Steem and as the price and volume increase many are looking at crypto again.

We need to have some fun and not spend all our time complaining about what someone else is making or other internal battles. You know what makes content better? Well paid authors and competition.

It got me to think about GOALS and how they benefit us:

Provide Direction
Clearer Focus on what is important
Clarity in Decision Making
Provide Motivation.
Sense of Pride
Having a purpose

Any good goal needs to be measurable and reasonable, so I got to thinking about what are the ways we can measure how Steem is performing. Obviously price is one measureship, but we need things we can focus on impacting.

First let's take a look at current daily posts:

We know there is a close correlation between price and the number of active users.

In the chart above you can see the daily number of posts. Today's count... 35,208, that includes posts and comments. On our busier days we are pushing 40,000 posts a day
(source of chart @penguinpablo)

What if we were to set a goal to have around 45,000 posts and comments per day? This would work well with a push like 1 post, 10 comments a day. Each user could consider this as a goal to help hit the overall team goal of hitting 45,000 posts a day.

I could easily come up with some others, but I am also curious what everyone thinks about setting goals and tracking them. Many say just writing down those goals even without planning improves their odds of coming true.

In my last company we called them Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
The criteria is basically the best guess of "if we do these things we think we will be successful." First year KPIs are always a guess. Of course you don't know if you are tracking the right things until you get some results.

Now I fully know some will be against formal goals, so let's just say this isn't formal. It's an act of tracking success and failure, and no one has to abide by the goals.

So, let's talk about it what do you think show some indications that we are doing well?

Brainstorming other potential Steem Goals:

  • Percentage of Powered Up STEEM.

  • Price Goals

  • New User Growth/Daily User Growth

  • Retention goals

  • Average Number of New Users per week

What are your ideas? If you could write the Key Performance Indicators for Steem, what would you say we should track to see if we are improving?