Showcase Sunday: Does Steem Suck?

8 months ago
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This week for Showcase Sunday, I am rerunning a two-year-old article about how Steem does have many issues, but that is par for the course in crypto.

It's still true.

Does Steem Suck?

Yes, Yes Steem does suck in many ways.

  • Our Distribution/Decentralization
  • Our Inability to Reward Engaging Content without Curation Guilds or Buying Votes
  • Our Funky and Confusing Relationship with SteemIt Inc.
  • Our User Retention
  • Our Young and Immature Applications
  • Probably Many Other Things

Yes, there are lots of sucky things about Steem.
Don't worry though, I will tell you why it doesn't matter and why I am still bullish on our Long-Term Outlook.



Bitcoin was created to give people a fast and free/cheap method to exchange value without 3rd Party Intervention. However, at it's highest points with low consumer adoption, it didn't scale. It was slow and expensive and in order to do nearly anything with it, one will still need a 3rd party.


I can't stand any ETH projects I hate Gas and it is expensive and confusing to do anything with any ETH projects. A small game with some crypto kitties brought the network to its knees.


Four billion dollars has not given EOS a huge jump ahead of the competition, like most projects there is more untapped potential than actual projects at this point.

It doesn't matter

I could continue to list the sucky crypto projects, but let's just say most of crypto is young and immature and doesn't replace many/any projects at a higher level. Most of them are run by developers who have no idea how to run a business.

I don't mind that Steem seems young and immature with plenty of issues to work out because that is the status of most of Crypto.

Unlike many other tokens, we do have a working model, the blockchain is fast and solid and none of our suckiness is unfixable.

We are ahead. We have easy passwords, a business case, a community and proof that mainstream people can be onboarded and learn to use the site, transfer tokens and exchange them. We now have community developers who have been able to write and contribute code.

We will not compete with Facebook anytime soon, but we stack up just fine against the world of Crypto and that is going to matter more and more as the Market gets flooded with Shit coins.

I encourage you to consider our issues and think about some other projects, we have room for growth and problems to solve but so does the rest of crypto.

So, I acknowledge we suck at many things and I choose not to complain about it much, because it's a bad idea to shit where you eat. (an old corporate saying for "Don't Trash Your Own Project".

Steem Sucks, Steem Anyway.